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Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 03:19:18 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

Upon the Funeral for the Outside World.

>I wonder what parts of the world will remain within the emperor's
>transition - Ignorance, Fethlon?
>Will the land of Kralorela (not just the people) be transited to
>Vithela, or beyond to draconic bliss?

IMO the Funeral of the Outside World was a result of domestic
economic pressures. I feel Kralorela has a currency of
indulgences/hell banknotes where citizens by doing their duty
could be officially rewarded for remission of evil deeds. These
are actually bribes to the demons and officials who run the
Underworld to make the dead person's existance more pleasant
and perhaps even help him enter the Palace of Excellent Reward.
Perhaps the God Learners introduced this system.

These notes will be used as inducements to ensure compliance
with the governmental authorities. A farmer who remits his
grain to the state granaries on time will be rewarded with these
notes. To use them, he then burns them in a ceremony. He could
also burn them on a behalf of an ancestor or relative to ensure
his wellbeing in the underworld. Mandarins are exempt from this

because they are assured of the Palace of Excellent Reward on
death (which helps to prevent official abuses).

This system is of late breaking down as the notes are running
out of kilter with the official currency. As the coinage becomes
debased, the Hell notes are being preferred to legal tender.
This has debased Kralori society as a result: Assasins are being
paid in Hell notes at such a rate that their wickedness is forgiven
leaving a tidy sum of money left over.

To restore morality to the Land of Splendor, the Government
has decided to publically burn this year's production of Hell
notes (in the funeral for the Outside World) to drive up their
value in relation to the official coinage, thus forcing the
public to use legal tender once again.

NW>>Then again, that's not an altogether desirable route, to judge
>>by the example of Brithos...

>How so? As far as we know Brithos has transited into Solace (or
>something similar, a state of absolute logic) very much like the
>City of Malkonwal did during the Darkness (I Fought We Won?).

It's claimed by the Sorcerers of Arolanit who have no proof. Even
then the Brithini don't believe in Solace and already live lives
of Pure Logic.

Sandy Petersen:

Some synthesis may be possible between Sandy's theory and the
ideas of Greg as reported by Stephen. I just remembered that
Sandy felt that the reason why Yanoor had to flee the God Learners
was that he had renounced some powers that Shang-Hsa had wielded
when he became Emperor. This may be why there was no 'proper'
Dragon Emperor between the Sunstop and Godunya's accension.
Naturally when Godunya was enthroned Emperor, the Exarchs decided
they had made a mistake and therefore invested Godunya with the
powers that Yanoor had renounced.

>>Thus the Kralori do have an afterlife. How to reconcile this with the
>>Palace of Excellent Reward mentioned in GoG (and the mass suicide
>>following Yanoor's flight) is interesting but I won't pursue it in this
> To elucidate. The Kralori afterlife is as follows (for most
>Kralori -- there are exceptions, of course): upon death, the soul goes
>to Vithela, the Land of Dawn, where it awaits the Emperor's Passing On.
>When the Emperor dies, all the souls who died during his reign move
>ahead with him to the next stage of existence. This "next stage" was
>equated with the Malkioni Solace by the God-Learners. The Kralori do
>_not_ believe that this is the end, though -- they say that eventually
>everyone passes on to yet _another_ stage of existence past that, and
>then another, and so forth, an eternal progression. This is why there
>was the mass suicide at Yanoor's Passing -- it looked like there would
>never be another emperor, and so if you died, you'd be stuck in Vithela
>for always, unable to advance and progress. So they killed themselves in
>hopes that their souls would "catch the last train" to heaven, so to

Here I must obey my primal urges and brutally punch holes in the
above. It is clear from the quoted passage about Thalurzni that
people can and do return from Vithela. I do not believe the Palace
of Excellent Reward to be in Vithela for the Tortured Dead plague
Kralorela and not the East Isles.

What I believe the Kralori afterlife to be like is this:

When a Kralori dies and if he is good enough to be admitted to the
Palace in Kralorela (those who fail are sent to hell and then
reincarnated) then he waits there in the blessed shadow of the
Emperor. When the Emperor passes on, he and his hanger-ons Go
East to Vithela and reside in a Heavenly Kingdom there. Thus one
can travel and find the lands of Thalurzni, Daruda, Vayobi and all
the other myriad Emperors (although where Shang-Hsa, Yanoor and
the False Emperors reside, no-one knows). The older an Emperor

is, the more difficult it is to reach his lands. No one has ever
returned from Aether's lands.

Commerce and embassies of a sort travel between the Kingdoms
and in the old days magificent embassies in Barges of Gold
travelled from the Heavenly Kingdoms to Kralorela. This was
halted by the Closing which was why the New Dragon's Ring
concealed the fact. Nowadays at every Sacred Time, the Imperial
Fleet sends a opulent barge filled to the brim with tribute
and crewed by the devout eastwards in the hope of contacting
the Heavenly Kingdoms and telling them that the Seas are now
Open. Some ships have returned without success, some have been
plundered by pirates and others have never returned. A suitable
Kralori HQ would be to travel on the one of these ships and
successfully reach Vithela. The real heroism lies in returning.

I do feel that some citizens of the Heavenly Kingdoms do
decide to visit Kralorela for occult reasons and incarnate as
Holy Men and such like.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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