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 Hey gang,
   First'll be some comments(be forewarned-Rulesy stuff may be
encountered);followed up by some more comments as well,I'd wager...
   Starting off, from way back in #293: Peter Metcalfe was discussing Sylphs-
as-transport over very long distances w/Chris Bell and expressed his opinion
"the average bound time is something on the order of 15 minutes.Scarcely
enough time to fly to the 4500 km to pamaltela and back (which is at least 150
hrs flying time* nonstop and requires something like an extension
9).*calculated on the basis that the sylph is travelling at max speed of 500
metres a minute all the time. Which is what careful exegesis of Monster
Collesium suggests a CON-less creature may do."

   Now to me,the trouble with this is the fact that,being creatures pretty-
much made of Air& Wind,the Elementals' move of 10/SR is way too slow.Even if
you allow it to move @ 20/SR by really applying itself(at the cost of 2
Fatigue pts/round;a characteristic which it doesn't have anyway),it is still
just too damned slow.
   To give the Sylph a more "believable" RW speed (more akin to how fast the
wind moves),I first off had to go to the Speed Comparisons table in the
Coliseum Book(pg22) and work out some values well beyond those listed( I
finally tired out at 167-whew!) Then I did a little research(verry
little,really);read up on(or maybe it was something on the Weather Channel)
that high-wind producer,the Tornado.
   According to the info ,a tornado usually covers ground at around
50-60km/h(move 17-20/SR-a speed still possible thru the doubling of the
standard Slyph's move through exertion),but can reach speeds as high as
95-105km/h(move 31-35/SR).The winds produced by/in the funnel itself can
reach(now get this) up to 500km/h(move 167m/SR).
   In another case,a Tornado produced winds strong enough to pick up a
tractor-trailer(SIZ 68) and hurl it 100m(using the throwing rules,a STR of 157
allows this little feat at a 95% chance of success)Now that's a strong wind!
   In the realm of non-Tornado winds,about 3 weeks back an event was in The
News where these super-high winds(not related to a storm,I think) really tore
up someplace (in the Pacific Rim,maybe? Serves me right for walking in on the
end of the report).Anyhow,these winds were "the highest ever recorded on
land"(note:this was a direct quote) ,and they were in excess of
200mph(something like 108+m/SR)!Whooosh!
   To give the Sylph a quicker move, I'm thinking it should have a rate equal
to it's POW;simular to that of the Assorted Spirits(RQ3,pg 221-223 ).Or maybe
it should have a speed equal to it's STR,which,IMO would be better.
   Instead of 2FTG pts/round for doubled movement, 1HP/round wouldn't be
excessive(possibly even 2HP/round in an extreme case) ; or MPs could be used
instead(certianly less lethal for the Sylph,yet still really wearing it out).
   As for the Extension ,the increased move makes for a shorter trip; in turn
probably lowering the pts used in that spell.

   309: Peter Metcalfe,commenting on Dwarfs: What exactly is a "Dunish Hunter-
seeker" anyhow?Sounds considerably high-tech to me(And I thought the Rifled
Musket from DW24 was high-tech!)Any stats? :)

   315: Daren Clark(and others later on) re a Familiar turning back into what-
it-once-was after its Master has BTF(bought-the-farm).This is certianly one
bit of game mechanics I consigned to the flames right after reading it .The
Familiar aught to be able to attach itself to someone else if it
wants.Hell,folks should be able to inherit them;it feels right to me,and I'm
sure it occurs in numerous fantasy novels(though I cant recall having read any
:) )-an easy plot hook!
   As for your mention of the Familiar trying to free its former-Master's
head from yicky spiritual slavery...Really neat!A great plot hook there! Grim
& tragic.A cool quest that the headless's comrades couldn't help but attempt
to resolve.

   330: Loren Miller re Carmania. Mosquitomen really paint a creepy new
"They may or may not fly. But they have human bodies and mosquito heads,
they swarm, and they suck blood".
- - Loren,you've just managed to re-introduced(after giving it something of a
weirder spin) the dreaded Stirge!!!Eeeek!
   BTW,really enjoyed the description of life in Carmania-the analogy to
frozen Mother Russia was great!
   334: Joerg Baumgartner re big-ol-catfish.While reading "The Shaman's
Apprentice"(which is an excellent book about an ethnobotanist's adventures
living in the Amazon with The Headhunters.It's filled with notes on all sorts
of cultural weirdness and the flora n fauna of the area.An oversized Penguin
paperback,and most certianly overpriced(as are all Penguins,but you've gotta
pay thru the nose for that delightful esoterica)..Anyway,in the Amazon,there's
a catfish thats the size of a car,which weighs (now get this) a half ton! I
sure wouldn't want to fall overboard around this Lord of the Bottom-feeders.

   335: Dave Black re your penguins.
  "Of course if there are already things that have been determined to exist
in that area of Glorantha I may have to tailor or abandon the whole idea and
thus the posting to the group at large".
   Dave,dont let yourself be cheated out of what you like in YOUR game just
because of some decree from On-High(or On-the-Side,or wherever).
   The Penguins are interesting,and more importantly,full of MGF.
   If there's room enough in Glorantha for Ducks,by all means,why not
Penguins?(just don't let 'em be little and precoscious like that completely
demonic cartoon character Chilly Willy ).
   At one point in my old campaign I had quite a few funny animals lurking
about;ducks,badgers,cats,crows,pigs-even those cool lizards from Bode's Cheech
Wizard comics.But I had trouble meshing the funny with the real animals;or the
humans for that matter,so they eventually went the way of the DoDo(as did my
whole campaign).

   355 (and beyond): Various folks have been talking about actually being able
to play in the Hero Wars without upsetting the Most-Holy of Timelines or
stepping on the toes of the Bonafide Heroes.
    I think the easiest way to put this whole thing in the proper perspective
is to use the most obvious of RW parallels,The WWII Movie!...From the psuedo-
reality/documentary-styled ones(like "The Longest Day","The Battle of the
Bulge",or "Patton" ), to the strictly comicbook-type,surreal, action-
adventures (like "The Dirty Dozen", "The Fighting Seebees","Kelly's Heroes",or
"Patton"(Okay,so I used "Patton" on both examples). As long as the War ends
with the 3rdReich losing and Hitler in flames,it seems that ANYTHING else
should be fair game.So what does it matter if a different Hero (or the
Characters themselves,for that matter ) leads the troops at some decisive
battle,or a couple of the big Heroes/Generals end up dying off ?( now if you
want Ike to be around to become President after the War,he'll of course,have
to NOT be killed during it)...
   Fortunes of War and all that...
   So relax,and be Fian-valorous in your wounding-exploits!

   For a while now I've been wondering about Dinosaurs in Glorantha.
   There aren't any listed in RQII besides the Bolo Lizard( which isn't
exactly a dino,as they're described as "dinosaur-like"; though stat-wise very

simular to the Deinonychus ).
   In RQ3 Creature Book we have the Allosaurus(something of a Trex-light),
Behemoth (is it even a dinosaur?I thought it was a gigantic mammal),
Brontosaur,and the Plesiosaur.
   In DrasticPrax there is the Deinonychus (verymuch like the now well-known
    With the slim pickins as far as Dinos are concerned,it makes me wonder why
two of the most-often-seen-in-PopCulture Dinos;the Tyrannosaurus rex and the
Triceratops are apparently nowhere to be found.Seems like quite a gaff to

   There's an ad on the back of DW8(or 10 maybe?.I'd have to dig around to
find out for certian) hustling the old Gateway Beastiary, with something like
a dozen Dinos within.And there's info on the back of the ES box which,I
think,alludes to Dino information being contained within.
   I'm assuming that there are Trikes in Glorantha as one of the nomad
tribes.Why,in KOS(pg 18) Argath's mom,the TrikeQueen (hmmm,that odd
abbreviation brings to mind imagery of a badass biker chick) is supposed to

have been in charge of a herd of the darned things .So are there any currently
living in Glorantha,and if so,where are they, and where are their stats?If
someone with access to these OOP sources could fill me in,I'd be most
   Thanks in advance.
   See ya around the campus!


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