Going Pelandan...

From: Pam Carlson (carlsonp@wolfenet.com)
Date: Wed 28 Jan 1998 - 09:36:14 EET

Nick writes:

> Pam's "going Pelandan" on us. Should we encourage this??

Sorry, NIck. It's too late. The goddesses have won me over and now I see
everything through earth colored glasses!

Run along now, like a good man. Be sure to be constructive and don't make
any of those greedy, violent errors. Build a pot or something...

Actually, your posts of late have been wonderfully informative. Hurrah and

(who is desperately trying not to be jealous of some of the SFC, currently
lounging about in semi-tropical Melbourne, who have wild parrots
fluttering overhead while enjoying the wonderful Aussie hospitality...)


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