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Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 11:09:54 EET

Lee R. Insley:

>Why? Don't Eurmali try to disrupt the establishment and cause chaos and
>aren't the Lunars the current establishment in Sartar?

So the Eurmali were guerillas in Sartar's time? I don't think so! Why
should they be more disruptive against the lunars than they were against
the kingdom of Sartar? Furthermore most of the Eurmali are bondsmen to
a clan chief. Which means that the establishment they try and bring
down is their _own_ clan!

>I tend to
>view the common Eurmali as much more than a mad man, with his or her own
>agenda (which change often) than perhaps the all-out trickster.

Well IMO you are wrong. To quote from the Trickster Cult in

        'Trickster worshippers are very self-centred, and all their
        like and dislikes are on a purely personal basis. They are
        frequently accused of being short-sighted, willing to give
        up future joy for immediate gratification.'

        'Trickster's initiates are vagabonds, drunkards, madmen,
        outcastes, and thieves.'

Which certainly doesn't suggest that Tricksters care for abstract
philosophical goals like Free Sartar.


>309: Peter Metcalfe,commenting on Dwarfs: What exactly is a "Dunish
>Hunter-seeker" anyhow?Sounds considerably high-tech to me(And I thought
>the Rifled Musket from DW24 was high-tech!)Any stats? :)

I was thinking of the Hunter-Seeker in Dune. In gloranthan terms,
it would be a levitating dagger that seeks out its victims by
earthsense. The blade will probably be enchanted with magic poison.

As for high-tech, I think that so long as the technology is
suitably exotic with a magical/alchemical taint then one can get
away with more higher tech stuff than a rifled musket. For
instance if one wants the mostali to use poison gas then
having a cauldron that bubbled forth greenish vapours would be
okay IMO.

>For a while now I've been wondering about Dinosaurs in Glorantha.
>With the slim pickins as far as Dinos are concerned,it makes me
>wonder why two of the most-often-seen-in-PopCulture Dinos;the
>Tyrannosaurus rex and the Triceratops are apparently nowhere to
>be found.Seems like quite a gaff to me...

Elder Secrets has stats for _a_ battle triceratops.

>I'm assuming that there are Trikes in Glorantha as one of the nomad
>tribes. So are there any currently living in Glorantha,and if so,
>where are they, and where are their stats?

No stats are available for them but they are most likely to
be found in Genertela whereever there are dragonewts and on the
Pamaltelan Plains.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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