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From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 11:32:55 EET

Richard Develyn:

>First of all looking at the idea of ancient things kicking around the
>area: before Sun County it was part of Pavis County, Pavis not long
>built was being ravaged by giants. Previous to this there were horse
>nomads living here from Pent, and before that normal Waha/Eiritha

>Were there ever Hsunchen here (apart from Basmoli)?


>Could there be things hanging around from these previous populations?

The nearest remants of the Pure Horse are the Pol Joni who are some
way away. One would met nomads in Sun County but mostly as raiders
from the outside. No giants are known of in Sun County.

>No mention is made of when the first cradle floated down - only when it
>was first spotted by a Jrusteli. Could there be an ancient cradle stuck
>in the North Bog? Is anything much known about these old cradles?

If it was, it would have been looted long ago.

>The Solitude of Testing was a time when there was a big troll dominance
>in the area. Could it be that at certain points the Sun Domers were
>pushed right back, maybe even over-run?

The Uz dominated the _Big_Rubble_ not Sun County. They could raid but
they never took over Sun County.

>Going to the current day I have a problem in not having this Giant
>Cradle scenario.

Get a copy of Mad Prax beyond Thunderdome available from MOB's

>I notice that Yelmalions don't get on with dwarves. It would seem to me
>that dwarves could try to undermine the currency of Sun County using
>some sort of fool's gold.

Dwarves are anathema simply because they hang around in Dark Places.
The Yelmalions are simply too thick to understand why they are not
darkness creatures.

>I don't quite understand why some nomads are friendly to Yelmalions, and
>some hostile. Is it just a per-clan/tribe/family thing?

Some nomads are light worshippers like the Ostrich people, the Unicorn
Women and the Bright Treasure Worshippers among the Five Tribes. They
would see the people of the Sun Dome Temple as being kindred spirits
even if they don't speak Praxian. Other nomads simply consider Sun County
as non-praxian and just raid them.

>Is there any kindred between Griffins and lions or Basmoli?

No link exists between the Basmoli and the Griffins. Perhaps an
EWF cult did exist for the Basmoli but that was long ago.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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