Re: Messages from the future

From: Michael Schwartz (
Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 18:59:16 EET

While being interrogated by agents of the Cold Wind Movement, Michael
Cule confessed:

>Can they discover the cause of the Illiteracy Plague?

Perhaps the cause of the Illiteracy Plague is...the book itself?

"Uh, Venharl? After reading this, I don't think I want to read anything
*ever* again."

"Join the club, Kostan. I've decide to just forget how to read, period."

>And the process of reading it will cause certain problems in the
>mentality of the scribe translating it....

Origin of the Cult of Silence? Any takers?

>They are going to have to decide whether to keep reading, whether
>to destroy the book or what.

Frankly, given a choice of "Things Man Was Not Meant To Know", I'd
imagine most player-characters might prefer the mind-withering chaos-born

horrors of the Book of Drastic Resolutions (not the 'zine) to the Purple
Book of Refuge.

"At least one can understand Salonar Tamaskil, Venharl...we've all seen
folks driven mad by exposure to Chaos. Whoever wrote this 'King of
Sartar', however, must be a *real* lunatic!"

Michael Schwartz Ann Arbor, MI USA
"What if life actually *was* fair, and we somehow deserved all the
truly awful things that happened to us?" -- Marcus Cole, Babylon 5


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