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>>.So are there any (Triceratops) currently living in Glorantha,and if
so,where are they, and where are their stats? If someone with access to these
OOP sources could fill me in,I'd be most appreciative.<<

The Borderlands boxed set gives their stats:

STR 3D6+50
CON 3D6+30
SIZ 3D6+40
DEX 2d6

STR 60-61
CON 40-41
SIZ 60-61
POW 10-11

Note that an average Size 60-61 is not produced by 3D6+40; you would need to
change it to 3D6+50. This is better than changing the average Size to 50-51
which would make a triceratops smaller than an elephant (average Siz 53).
OK, now the tedious stuff.
Hit locations
3-4;rh leg
5-6;lh leg
7-8;hind quarters
9-10; fore quarters
11-12;rf leg
13-14;lf leg
2-3;rh leg
4-5;lh leg
6-8;hind quarters
9-12 fore quarters
13-14;rf leg
15-16;lf leg
If you're smaller than the triceratops, roll hit location as 1d10+10.
Armor; according to Borderlands the body has 14 points and the head 21. A
tricertops appears in Elder Secrets, however, which has a 34 AP head.
Move;10 accrding to Borderlands, 6 according to ES.
Ram sr 8 80% 2d10+7D6
trample sr 8 80% 14D6

Elder Secrets
Charge sr 7 70% 2D10+7D6
Ram sr 7 90 2d10+7D3
trample sr 7 95% 14D6
ES also indicates that Triceratops have a fixed INT of 3. Borderlands states
that there is a herd living in the Zola Fel river valley, but that due to lack
of a good food source they widely scattered and individual animals may be
encountered. Happy hunting!

Mark Mohrfield


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