Uleria & Humakti rebels

From: Thomas Gottschall (Bloodtooth@gmx.net)
Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 15:00:26 EET

Hi everyone,

I would like to congratulate Panu for his great idea about Uleria being
there to confess ones bad deeds. This feels so right to me that it must
be true.

I enjoyed the recent debate on guerilla warfare among the Orlanthi of
Sartar. The idea that Eurmali could be rebels is superb. Thanks Lee
Insley (sorry if this is the wrong man !).

But how about Humakti rebels ? They do not really belong to their home
clans if they life a very pious life. And we know that Humakti fanatics
killed Temertain (and rightly so !). BTW, Richard, how about this
Humakti being your players ? Wouldn't it be nice for your players to
kill the Prince of Sartar ? Even if none of your players is a Humakti,

who cares. The writer of CHDP wasn't there, was he ?
I think the Humakti would be also regarded as outside the clan so the
hostages problem (another masterpiece) wouldn't work. Final problem is
Humakti honour. I say that they are not that honourary as widely
thought. Oh, yes they led draw you your sword before the battle begins,
but they certainly are no idiots. What I mean is that they will not
strike the guards down from behind but with a mighty slash from one side
or even facing them and sending their souls to Humakt. However they
won't use any poison or partake in an ambush. I can see quite well the
Humakti as an elite unit of warriors who kill important personalities or
collaborators. Perhaps they kidnap them first and then fight them in a

Comments ?

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bye, Thomas

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