Disagreements about the West.

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 18:26:00 EET

Peter Metcalfe disagrees with me on Malkioni (in two different posts)...
I'll argue with Peter in private mail, but I'll give a few statements here
to state my POV.

I said:
>>How so? As far as we know Brithos has transited into Solace (or
>>something similar, a state of absolute logic) very much like the
>>City of Malkonwal did during the Darkness (I Fought We Won?).

>It's claimed by the Sorcerers of Arolanit who have no proof.

I doubt that there were Brithini sorcerers in Arolanit before the Dawn,
except perhaps in an obscure Waertagi port without any hinterland. There
were exiled Brithini scattered along the shore of Seshnela, with Neleoswal
and Frowal the known centres.

The myth of Malkonwal was witnessed by those of his followers who had not
attained the perfection for Solace. Some chose to strive for that
perfection, and became what we know as Malkioni. Others

>Even then the Brithini don't believe in Solace and already live lives
>of Pure Logic.

Those who had fled from the Glacier obviously failed to believe that their
world was the best possible world. Ok, it is a bit problematic to remain
logical about ploughing frozen ground and throw the seeds into snow just
because the plan prescribes these actions to be performed at this part of
the cycle...

Builders of Knight Fort:
>>The God Learners are my guess, too, unless the early settlers of the Leftarm
>>Isles did that - they were sort of Malkioni after all, and knew about castles.

>They weren't Malkioni until the God Learners came.

And weren't under the closer GL definition, either, IMO. Their rulers at
least were, however, descended from the Brithini, and came to the Leftarm

Isles on Waertagi ships, IMG.

>They bought the fable about them being Malkioni

Told to them by their Waertagi trade partners until those were wiped off the

>but this is on par as the
>Romans thinking themselves descendants of the Trojans under Prince
>Aenas or even the Britons under Brutus the Trojan.

And still, there could be some kernel of truth in such claims, in that the
early Italian states had some Greek influences, possibly through immigrants.
Brutus the Trojan - well, there were people who had seen the Mediterranian
who came to trade Cornish tin during the Late Bronze Age. Troja claimed to
have Phoenician allies...

The myth of direct descent is probably as constructed as the King of
Mercia's claim to be descended from Odin (and that was constructed around
the 7th century AD in christianized Britain).


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