Multiple Red Emperors, Doraddi

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Date: Sat 31 Jan 1998 - 21:01:29 EET

MOB says:
>In Greg's early writing he is
>described as the "immortal, ever-reincarnating son of the Red Goddess".
>Some time ago several of us put forward the notion that in fact, Moonson
>and has been, a succession of individuals. Over time this seems to have
>become the commonly-accepted view. I like to think Nick and I even
>changed Greg's mind on this, by coming up with a groovier explanation
than >there was before.

OK, this is going to sound like I'm being petty, and maybe it is (though
it is not intended to be), but the idea of multiple Moonsons goes back a
wee bit farther than MOB or Nick could possibly be responsible for:

"Minor terrestrial matters were left to her unimportant sons, the
so-called Red Moon Dynasty, who eventually conquered almost all of the
area viewed by their mother, the Red Moon." [White Bear & Red Moon, 1st
edition, 1975]


"THE RED EMPEROR [of the game] was the latest of a long line of
wizard-kings, answerable only to their mother, the goddess of the Red
Moon. They were immortal, in [that] no 'natural' death could take them,
though they could be slain by physical or mental combat. ... Each
appeared identical and maintained the Imperial policies of his
predecessor, so that it seemed one man ruled for centuries." [White Bear
& Red Moon, 1st edition, 1975]

Michael Cule says, very strangely:
>> On earth almost all the cultures of old had the consept of the golden

>The Doraddi culture of Pamaltela thinks just the opposite.

Do they? Pamaltelan myth talks about a time when ALL of Pamaltela was
green and growing, and was full of open plains where the Doraddi could
walk (as opposed to only half of the current continent). Now we have a

Hell Desert in the south, as far east and west as Jmijie can run, and
Pamalt is separated from us by this great desert of fire. Now we have
Hell Swamp to the east and west, as far south as Nyanka can walk, filled
with poison and slime goblins. Now we have a Hell Jungle in the
northeast, separated from us only by the great mountains Father Lodril
was forced to create. Now we have Cold Hell in the northwest, where
Keraun's gentle winds are turned into harsh storms of rain and snow, as
far north as one can go, and farther.

How can you say the Doraddi have no conception of a Golden Age?

Stephen Martin
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