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> >{Yet another forehead slap} Of course! That's what the
> >funeral ceremony for the outside world is about! The
> >dragon emperor and the exarchs have put in movement
> >the final isolation of Kralorela, its removal from
> >the rest of the world.

> I wonder what parts of the world will remain within the emperor's
> transition - Ignorance, Fethlon?

Just as much as the Kralorelans regard as their territory.
Not Fethlon, I think. Perhaps Ignorance.

>> Will the land of Kralorela (not just the people) be transited to
>> Vithela, or beyond to draconic bliss?
> Go there, find out...


> >Then again, that's not an altogether desirable route, to judge
> >by the example of Brithos...
> How so? As far as we know Brithos has transited into Solace (or
> something similar, a state of absolute logic) very much like the
> City of Malkonwal did during the Darkness (I Fought We Won?).

Sorry. I meant for the rest of the world. I mean, the
Closing is supposedly (according to one theory at least)
a by-effect of Zzabur's large scale meddling with the
fabric of the universe.

>These notes will be used as inducements to ensure compliance
>with the governmental authorities. A farmer who remits his
>grain to the state granaries on time will be rewarded with these
>notes. To use them, he then burns them in a ceremony. He could
>also burn them on a behalf of an ancestor or relative to ensure
>his wellbeing in the underworld.

This is a brilliantly cool idea!

>It is clear from the quoted passage about Thalurzni that
>people can and do return from Vithela.

If we take a hint from East Isles mythology, it is
possible to return from Vithela, but once you have
done that you can then never go back to Vithela again.
You are only allowed to go there once. That doesn't
necessarily mean that the Kralorelans have the same
belief though.

>I do not believe the Palace
>of Excellent Reward to be in Vithela for the Tortured Dead plague
>Kralorela and not the East Isles.

The Palace of Excellent Reward is where you go _after_
Vithela, oncethe emperor arrives and takes the waiting
souls with him.

>Thus one
>can travel and find the lands of Thalurzni, Daruda, Vayobi and all
>the other myriad Emperors (although where Shang-Hsa, Yanoor and
>the False Emperors reside, no-one knows). The older an Emperor
>is, the more difficult it is to reach his lands.

Again, a really cool idea. I would place these lands
beyond Vithela though.

>Nils, similar conservatism can be found in the roman script
>based on the Cadmean Letters. We can still see the Ox Head
>in the A if we flip it upside down! Are you going to claim
>that the West has been unchanged on this basis?

I claim _continuity_, not complete stasis.

>You haven't disproved my point. The claim is true for each
>and every one of those other cultures that I listed for they
>all claim (with some justice) to have Golden Age traditions
>that are lost to the rest of the world.

_They_ claim, as opposed to _Genertela book_ claims.
I'm not trying to disprove your point since it doesn't
adress the same thing I was. Or is there a secret
code that makes some source quotes sacrosanct and
others dismissable?

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