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Due to a software problems and various other things, I have missed couple
of digests; otherwise I would have kept pestering you...

Peter Metcalfe
>This would mean that Kralorela is very fragmented politically
>as there are at least nine exarchs.
        IMO Kralorela is not as homogenic place as it
would like to be. Language may be standard but (again
IMO) the provinces have different customs et al. Regional
governors are sure to have extensive powers to handle
local affairs.
        And where there is power, there is abuse of
that power. What do you think governor of Sha Ming tried
to do ? Use the taxes for his own purposes, probably.
        You wanted court intrigue. How about inter-governor
 intrigue ?

>The duties of a 20th century statesmen are exactly the same
>as the 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th etc century statesmen.Only the
>rituals are different.
        Maybe, but they are not as accountable to their
"subjects" as the modern-day leaders (including, in some
extent, even communists).

        There has also been discussion about how "original" is
the society of Kralorela. I don't think that the customs and
traditions would have been "perfectly preserved" over the
ages. I assume that the 1620's Kralorela is _very_ influenced
by God Learners. Exarchs who took over the Empire
afterwards preserved something of the God Learner order -
maybe there was not enough of the original parallels
remaining. After that there were Extraordinarily Fair
Feminine Legalists in Fuknama (did they resemble
RW chineses "Legalists"?) and probably much more.

Nick Brooke
>Malkioni are sensible to invade other human lands, because they can
>rule over them and force their inhabitants to adopt Malkionism
        In the other words, the war of conquest is taken
to whereever the local resources (were they manpower,
minerals or magical resources) can be used. Invading
mostali tunnels, uz wasteland or Aldryami forest is useless,
because humans could not use those regions.

Michael Raaterova
>1) Play the realtime 3D strategy game Myth: the Fallen Lords (from Bungie).
>2) Imagine that the game is set in Glorantha, and that you played Sartarite
        IMO, the games with the degree of
complexity of Dragon Pass could sell much better as
computer games. I have been told that at least some
strategy and board games (like some variants
of Advanced Squad Leader and the original Civilization
boardgame) sold at least adequately as computer games...

Simon Hibbs
>Basicaly, trickters are mean, selfish, cowardly, vindictive bastards. I
>wouldn't rely on their sense of loyalty or responsibility. It's just
>that sometimes it's usefull to have someone like that around.
        IMG, tricksters do all these things but not merely because
of intentional ill will, but because they do not know better. "Nobody
wants to be a trickster" but some people have no choice.Castaways,
village idiots, even some orphans - Eurmal may be their only source
of magical support.
Lee Insley
>Has the aspect of Eurmal as a hero been dropped? I thought Eurmal was a
>key person in the Lightbringer's quest, and essentially was feeling quilty
>about the suffering he had caused.

        Feeling guilty ? Not bloody likely. I think that Orlanth
"instilled" the sense of resposibility into him and dragged him
along. Why ? Because he could not know Chaos, he "recruited"
someone who could think backwards and know something about
Disorder, at the very least.
        Trickster is rarely a hero intentionally but may be by
accident. In the words of C.G.Jung "Trickster... is both subhuman
and superhuman whose chief alarming characteristic is his
unconscious. He is so unconscious that his body is not a
unity." Hard to play as a PC, however...
J=F6rg Baumgartner
>Huh? I am a GM who is reluctant to use any scenario or campaign module as
>written because of my responsibility for the player's suspense. I adapt
>scenarios, be they my own or bought ones, as the game develops. (Etc.).
        I have yet to run a published scenario where the players
would have done _exactly_ what the scenario assumes they would do.
That's why we play with people - computers would have crashed multiple
times by now.

Richard Develyn
>I notice that Yelmalions don't get on with dwarves. It would seem to me
>that dwarves could try to undermine the currency of Sun County using
>some sort of fool's gold.
        Honestly speaking; I doubt mostali would care. Besides (IMG)
they mass-manufacture their clacks, so they look exactly alike.
_Unless_ they would want something from the Count (dunno what)
and they could "tap" the Lokarnos coin-creation magic somehow...

Vesa "Aku" Lehtinen


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