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Date: Sun 01 Feb 1998 - 01:08:54 EET

>Time for my Daruda theory! I think Kralorela was originally
>inhabited by a multitude of hsunchen tribes. The strongest
>of those were the dragon people, who were not nomad hunter-
>gatherers, but built towns. Then there was an invasion of
>sky worshipping Vithelans. The other hsunchen were pushed
>to the margin areas: mountains, jungles, but the dragon
>people were strong enough to put up some resistance. So
>the cultures melded, dominated by the sky worshippers, who
>provided the first emperors (Metsyla, Shavaya).
>The came Daruda, a dragon people hero, who quested and
>brought back new draconic knowledge and understanding. He
>became emperor and made for a draconic revival. However,
>by this time the influence of the sky people had changed
>the dragon people into something knew. And this became
>the draconic Kralorelans.

Last time I brought it up, Greg shot down by 99% identical theory (I
didn't make the Vithela/Solar Empire connection), but that doesn't mean
that you and I can't convince him now that we both know the other knows
the truth.

Peter>>It may be but we know Kralorela cannot be that place for it has
>>been conquered by Orlanth, Kajaboom, the God Learners and by
>>Sheng Seleris.

Nils>Then please tell us in what way they changed Kralorelan
>_culture_ in a major way. Foreign conquerors don't
>necessarily mean broken tradition.

Also, some of Peter's objections are irrelevant, because they are untrue
- -- it is never said that Orlanth or Kajaboom _conquered_ Kralorela, it
merely says they _invaded_ Kralorela. No, it does not even say that -- it
says they are mentioned in the Kralori Catalogue of Foes as being enemies
of Kralorela in the Gods Age. If the Kralori have a written document
which has been added to over time, since the end of the Golden Age, this
implies a lot more cultural continuity than Peter wants to allow. I agree
with Nils that it would be more interesting to have one Gloranthan
culture which actually _is_ culturally 90% or more the same as it was in
the Golden Age. And yellow elves don't count.

Stephen Martin
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