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Date: Sun 01 Feb 1998 - 02:31:26 EET

Stephen Martin:

>How can you say the Doraddi have no conception of a Golden Age?

Perhaps if you read Gods of Glorantha:

        'The Golden Age

        A period of universal peace is usually recognized. Most
        cultures hearken back to this time as an era of perfection.
        A few, notably the Doraddi and Orlanthi, believe it to
        have been a period of tyranny and stagnation'
                                Cults Book p9

Me>>The Worship of the Sun, Moon and Stars has changed under the influence
>>of transplanted Lunars into Kralorela.

>First of all, what transplanted Lunars?

       'Sheng Seleris didn't just rule the Lunar Empire, he ruled
        all of Pent and a good part of Kralorela as well. And when
        he wanted to surprise and upset the Dara Happans, he'd bring
        some weirdo magicians and creatures and people in from
        Kralorela. And when he wanted to mess with the Kralorelans,
        he'd bring in some Pikemen from Dara Happa.'
                                RQ-Con 2 Compendium.

        'Sheng Seleris also sent many imprisoned priests from Dara
        Happa to the far ends of his lands, even across the Wastes
        to do his evil work. They usually destroyed the Kwalings
        happily but some studied their ways.'
                                Fortunate Succession p76

If Sheng is transplanting Kralorelans into Peloria (and the Dolathi
are still there) then it is propbable that there are some movements
and/or sects in Kralorela that have their origins in Peloria.

>Second of all, how has their worship of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Like I said, through contact with the lunars and the importation of
foreign ideas. Which _happens_ in Kralorela dspite pallid attempts
by the Kralori to pretend that nothing has changed.

>(considering it is unlikely they had any Moon Worship to
>change, and considering I find it unlikely that they worship the Moon at
>all, even nowadays)?

I see you missed a pronouncement from Greg which said that the
Red Moon is visible all over the world and that red moon cults
are everywhere.

>If you are using the presence in Kralorela of "Yelm," "Dendara," and
>"Eiritha" as evidence that there are Dara Happans in Kralorela, I reject
>that idea categorically -- these are not the real names of those gods,
>and never have been.

Wonderful. Because I _never_ _ever_ said or implied that. What I
_did_ say was the cults had been _changed_ under the impact of the
transplanted lunars. Could you credit people with some intelligence
before trying to make up strawmen to demolish?

>>[The God-Forgotten} weren't Malkioni until the God Learners came.
>>They bought the fable about them being Malkioni but this is on par
>>as the Romans thinking themselves descendants of the Trojans under
>>Prince Aenas or even the Britons under Brutus the Trojan. There is
>>also the theory of British Israelitism.

>Except, where would these God Forgotters have been exposed to the myths
>of Malkion?

When the Jrusteli contacted them?

>My understanding is that they have claimed to be Malkioni
>since the Dawn, long before there was any contact with the West in

There's no published information supporting this contention.

>I am of the belief that they represent a very old colony of
>Malkioni, who lost most of their Malkioni ways until the contact with
>new Malkioni in the Second Age revived these customs.

Except we would have to wonder why these refugees missed settling in
the habitable regions of Slontos and Kethaela only to settle in some
god-forsaken islands in the middle of nowhere. Migrations simply do
not work like that.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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