Re: forgotten cradle; longbows; Doraddi

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Date: Sun 01 Feb 1998 - 03:40:56 EET

Richard Develyn wondered

> No mention is made of when the first cradle floated down - only when it
> was first spotted by a Jrusteli. Could there be an ancient cradle stuck
> in the North Bog?

Unlikely, given that the Cradles Scenario featured a giant baby who would
have grown up by now, and no longer in the cradle. You might find a

(mostly) empty cradle, with a few of the magical toys remaining, I suppose.

Joerg sobbed, and Peter answered

> >(and no longbows in Glorantha, <sob>).
> Rathori and Dragonewts.

And Umathelans (at least according to Sandy, and it will be so in my campaign).

BTW, I've always assumed the dragonewt bows are actually those asymmetric
Japanese bows.

Stephen Martin points out that the Doraddi do have tales of an even better
time in the past. True. But they're pretty much unique in saying that
things are getting better -- they no longer suffer under empires and
civilization, for example.

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