Agimori character generation

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Sun 01 Feb 1998 - 15:20:35 EET

A bit of a rules-y question, this, but too Gloranthan for the RQRules

I'm trying to help a friend generate an Agimori PC: a hunter, probably.
Looking at RoC p29, I find that all Agimori are Foundchild initiates. I
know this implies compulsory use of Peaceful Cut, which itself implies a
Craft(Butchery) skill high enough to be useful.

The skills listed for Agimori give no craft skills whatsoever, and
certainly no Butchery. This seems to me to be terribly wrong.

Also, when I look at the sample Agimori PC on p142, it bcomes all too
clear that his skills have nothing to do with the character generation
system as given. He is also lacking in Peaceful Cut or Butchery, though
he does have three other craft skills.

Has anyone else already done the work of sorting this lot out? If so, any
chance of some help, please?

Jane Williams


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