Date: Sun 01 Feb 1998 - 13:36:30 EET

Peter, on the lack of cultural continuity:

<<Of course Stephen Martin is quite welcome to ignore all this in favour of a
timeless Kralorela. But I will to insist that such a stasis means that
Kralorela becomes a two-dimensional caricature and not a vibrant human

      I think the problem here is that what you regard as a 'vibrant human
culture' is - at least in this particular case - something that equates IMO to
'relatively uninteresting culture' as opposed to one which has remained
comparatively unchanged since Golden Age times. The key word there is
'comparatively'; clearly there have been changes in Kralorela throughout
history. However, the sort of changes that Peter demands detract IMO from some
of what makes Kralorela interesting as a setting.
      Frankly, it seems to me that from the limited sources available, either
interpretation could be made with equal justification. Personally, I prefer to
take the option that's most interesting to me, safe in the knowledge that a
detailed Kralorela Book is unlikely to see publication in the near future :-).
If Peter choses to take the option that I find less interesting, that's fine
by me, I just wish he'd quit being so damn rude about people who see things a
different way. (Mutter, fume...)

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