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Date: Sun 01 Feb 1998 - 20:23:28 EET

Stephen writes:

> The fact that it is also labelled "Marcher Barons" implies to me that
> it is one of the trading forts of the Merchant Princes of Maniria, who
> have a string of trading forts from Ralios to Kethaela

But it's *way* too far from the putative end of their "string of forts".
The Trader Princes (and I agree, your use of "Barons" in the exploitative=

capitalist sense fits *wonderfully* well here!) were trying to get *to*
Kethaela; not all the way through and out the other side into desolate
Prax. It doesn't make any sense for this to be a "logical" over-exten-
sion of the Trader Prince line -- they'd stop building their castles,
surely, as soon as they could make safe delivery of goods to their Holy
Country recipients -- on the border of Esrolia, not the far corner of

It could, of course, be the case that -- *before* any more recent occu-
pation by Heortland's Seshnegi mercenary corps -- the already-existing
Knight Fort was taken over by some "Merchant Baron" types, quite possibly=

of Ralian/Trader Prince extraction, trying to open up a secure trade rout=
between Kethaela and Prax. But it kinda beggars belief that they'd send
caravans of goods from Ralios right through the Holy Country and out the
other side into the desert...

This way we could keep your explanation ("the Barons didn't realize
until too late that there was little point in it..."), while retaining
the fairly general consensus that the Fort was actually built in the God
Learner period, and has since been occupied on and off by many different

groups (including, but not limited to, Heortland Marcher Barons, Ralian
Trader Prince Merchant Barons, and Sir Richard's Crusading Rokari Mercs).=

BTW, Marcher probably means "on the Marches" -- i.e. the borderlands --
and has nothing to do with "Market", "Merchant", etc. despite the sound.

Thanks, too, to Stephen for digging up the oldest printed source about
the Red Emperor. MOB, Chris and I are both individually and collectively
delighted to have played a part in reminding Greg of the more amusing
possibilities offered by such a situation (versus having a series of
identical rulers with no difference in personality, policy or appearance
between reigns). The present situation, with its mishmash of Masks,
Proxies, False Emperors, Hidden Emperors, apparent succession crises,
etc. offers far more scope for campaign intrigue, colourful background,
interesting fiction, and -- of course -- MGF. Much more on this will be
in the Lunar Empire seminar transcript, included in the Chicago RQ-Con
Compendium -- "coming soon", I understand from its compilers. And, of

course, in the Tales #16 Red Emperor Cult write-up.

Peter wrote, and Stephen responded:

>> The Worship of the Sun, Moon and Stars has changed under the influence=

>> of transplanted Lunars into Kralorela.

> First of all, what transplanted Lunars?

Those deported across Pent by Sheng Seleris, when he ruled both Kralorela=

and Peloria. Check out recent stuff (Con transcripts & ?FS notes) from GS=

> Second of all, how has their worship of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
> _changed_ (considering it is unlikely they had any Moon Worship to
> change, and considering I find it unlikely that they worship the Moon
> at all, even nowadays)?

Because moving from a position when you don't worship the Moon, to one
where you (or some foreigners in your midst) *do*, is a Change. I feel
Peter's use of Kuchawn as an astronomical "dumping ground" is inspired;
whether they have a "captive Red Emperor" or someone who, whatever his
origin, is *implicitly* taking on part of that mantle -- being the rep-
resentation within the microcosm that is Kralorela (and, more particular-=

ly, Kuchawn's Astrodome) of the macrocosmic requirement that there be a
Moon-Son -- this can only result in complexity, hilarity and fun. All
good things.

> If you are using the presence in Kralorela of "Yelm," "Dendara," and
> "Eiritha" as evidence that there are Dara Happans in Kralorela, I
> reject that idea categorically...

I'm sure we aren't going back to *that* old chestnut. I comprehensively
flamed Peter for it back when he wore short trousers, and am certain his
current thinking derives from his in-depth knowledge of what Sheng got
up to, and not some wishy-washy cult-transplantation heroquesting mumbo-
jumbo to further short-formize the wide and wonderful World of Glorantha.=



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