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Hello All,

Many thanks for the replies received so far.

A number of you asked me whether I have the ToRM 14,15 and BoDR 2 - I do
indeed. The main stuff I'm missing is (surprise surprise) the 3 boxed

1. Nomad Adventurers

Now as I said before I'm looking at the idea of a motley crew of nomad
PCs (plenty of player choice) adventuring in RofC/SC. I'm conerned with
the concept of basic character support in the area - i.e. where are they
going to get trained and get hold of new spirit/rune magic spells. To
this end, I'm trying to figure out what nomad clans they might come
from, so that they can get back to their clans periodically for shaman
support, etc. A few points on this:

a) I'm going to need the PCs to be on good terms with their clans,
otherwise this just isn't going to be possible.

b) I will assume that a PC can get the services of his clan pretty much
without problem, and that a fellow PC can get him the services of *his*
clan with some (surmountable) problem. I shall also assume that any
other clans are basically not helpful (so they're not in the picture).

c) In order to work (b) through, I will have to figure out where the
different PC clans are likely to be at any one time (so I need some sort
of migration path) and what each clan is able to provide. This will have
to tie in with the nice information Stephen Martin provided about Spirit
Cults. It's only the PC clans I have to worry about, so it shouldn't be
a huge amount of work.

- --- I think I've understood this correctly. If someone wants some
particular spirit/rune spell, they're going to have to rendezvous with
their clan, or a friend's clan, possibly at some specific spot. I like
the idea of this - it'll make the PCs realise that magic isn't an easy
thing to get hold of (which seems in keeping with the spirit (oops -
pun) given in RQ3).

d) With this in mind, cross referencing BoDR p.15 "Clan and Tribe" and
p. 67 "Cult Distributions" I'm wondering how some of the minor clan
cults ever get enough initiates to support even a minor temple (e.g.

Impala clan of 300 will have about 30+ Storm Bull worshippers). Possible
explanations I can think of:

d1) Clans meet up into tribes fairly regularly to renew Rune spells.
d2) Worshippers of same cult of different tribes meet up.
d3) Clans use little Rune Magic.

e) As a follow on from (d) I need to figure out an inter-clan reaction
guide (like the inter-cult one in Companion).

Kevin Rose:

> I cannot imagine a situation, that a bunch of starting PCs could
> handle (and my starting PCs were at about 75% skills, except for ride
> at 90% plus), that would result in a couple of tribes working
> together. They wouldn't work together to stop the lunars from
> invading, so why would they join up to deal with some minor problem?
> Don't let it stop you, but it's something to think about.

The way I'm thinking is that a number of khans faced with a common
problem, which they *know* is a common problem, refuse to do anything
about it themselves (why should *they* take all the risks). Eventually,
things get so bad that some compromise is reached and they all agree to
contribute someone (or two) into a campaign. Of course, they'll send
someone they probably don't mind losing, and hence we have a motley crew
of adventurers. The clan should still honour them as members though
their friendship with each other will make them less wellcome within the
clan than before.

2. Timeline

Stephen and Kevin explained that I have to sort my timeline out in order
to decided which clans are likely to be present in the area.

This is quite a big issue, though it was much influenced by Peter's
(Metcalfe) pointer to MOB's Beyond Sun Dome scenario. Vital Stuff - at
last I have something on the Cradle incident!

So - I think I can set things going at around 1616-1618, just long
enough before the Cradle floats down so that PCs are able to participate
in MOB's scenario (or a version of it) when it's due to happen. However,
this incident is not in any way the highlight of the campaign - though
it should provide some information relevant to the major goal which is:


"Raising An Ancient Cradle" (the most expensive campaign ever written)

Before I move on, though, I'm still desperately after any indications
about how things will change in the RofC/SC area *after* the cradle
wafts by. Given that I'm starting before 1621, I can use all published
material for the area (thank goodness, though I did think only Lunar
Coders would be affected), though I need to know what's happening

3. The Theme and The Hook

Opinion as to whether an ancient stuck cradle was sensible or not
varied. I actually can't find anything about the SunStop - could
somebody point me in the right direction?

The way I want to work The Theme and The Hook (the introductory
adventure) is sort of like Bilbo finding the Ring. Doesn't mean much to
start off with, then little by little it turns into something quite
significant. So, they find something, then they carry on adventuring in
the area, with plenty of support from their clans - so they don't have
to go off to more civilised country. The Cradle incident provides at
least the information about what one of these looks like - maybe more.
Eventually higher level wanderings (east to the wastes, north to Troll
country) cause them to finish piecing the jigsaw together and off they
go to the whichever bog it's in and start pulling the thing up from
below. Or alternatively, the thing might just pop up by itself (rather
like these old wild west wagons did out of quicksand - if I remember my
westerns correctly).

After that, who knows - main thing is the campaign has an exciting
climax to it.

Exactly how the ancient cradle came to be sunk at the bottom of the bog,
and exactly how they'll get it up, and exactly what they'll find on it
when they do, can all wait for now. I do need to know that this whole
idea, within commonly loved Glorantha, given whatever conditions or
restrictions are necessary, is feasible.

I'm also, of course, quite keen to hear your opinions and ideas on this.

For the hook they key thing is that it gets the nomads to act together
in the way I've described above. Stephen Martin suggested the 5 eyes
temple (which alas I haven't got). Could you tell me enough about this
so that I could make my own up?

- --
Richard Develyn


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