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Richard Develyn is trying to come up with reasons for nomad characters to
stick together.

One thought that occurs to me is that there may be "another" Argrath White
Bull. Greg has several times suggested that Sartar wasn't the only person
trying to unite the Quivini tribes, and a few similar cases I forget, and
from this I get the sense that times are simply ripe for something to
happen. Argrath was simply the most successful to forge union between the
tribes. But perhaps in your campaign, there's someone else trying the same
thing? It's possible he ends up being revealed as AWB, more likely he's a
less successful version whose small successes end up being considered part
of AWB to later historians.

> I'm wondering how some of the minor clan
> cults ever get enough initiates to support even a minor temple

There are no doubt temporary temples, probaby most likely when the clan or
tribe gets together, less frequently when initiates of several tribes meet.

A sunken cradle is cool -- perhaps the giant is still there, in some sort
of stasis.

The Five Eyes Temple as I recall is mostly newtlings, but dragonewts visit
(there's a dream dragon sleeping in one of the caves).

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