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Richard Develyn:

>Before I move on, though, I'm still desperately after any indications
>about how things will change in the RofC/SC area *after* the cradle
>wafts by. Given that I'm starting before 1621, I can use all published
>material for the area (thank goodness, though I did think only Lunar
>Coders would be affected), though I need to know what's happening

The following are quoted snippets from King of Sartar. Not all of
the events (ie what were the lunars mining?) in here are detailed
so you have plenty of latitude to decide what they are.

        'When Soreel learned that the giant's cradle had escaped,
        he was furious and threatened to take his own household
        to get it the Other Way. However his advisors convinced
        him not to, and instead he set out to persecute those who
        had helped it to escape.'
                                KoS p176

        'One day a new sickness came to the city. Argrath was
        among those who fell ill. The Pavis priests said it was
        something the lunar miners had uncovered. People became
        weak, disorientated, and lapsed into unconciousness. Only
        Priests of Orlanth could heal them, and many people sneaked
        out of the city to find them.'
                                KoS p176

        'Argrath went back to Prax. The Imperial Sorcerers had
        created invisible red ropes which had lassoed the leading
        beasts of all the nomads in the area, and were slowly
        hauling them into the city. All the nomads were upset
        even the Blue Llama folk.'
                                KoS p22.
This last event takes place about 1624 ST. Argrath White Bull
appears and takes Corflu (with the aid of Wolf Pirates and

        'One day the majority of the Lunar Army forces departed
        on barges, headed downriver to fight against Pirates in
        the Marshes. They were all corflued. Argrath heard about
        the battle of Corflu, where the lunars tied their boats
        together to make a fighting platform, but were drowned when
        the frog-things sank the boats.

Argrath White Bull then moves against Pavis. After heavy
fighting, the New Teeth (a group of rebels lead by Argrath of
Pavis) open the gates. The nomads come in and slaughter the
lunars and plunder the city for two days ebfore passing out
drunk. Then Argrath of Pavis is made leader of the City
after revealing his descent from Dorasar to the people.

        '..and then the howling, bloodcrazed army marches
        against Sartar. Tatius sent a demon which had two arms,
        and an extra one, against them. The nomads were all
        slaughtered, but Argrath's body was not among those
        left to the Hyenas.'
                                KoS p152

        '1629: We kill Dinacoli. Queen Kallyr marries at last.
        Telmori promise revenge, quarrel with Argrath of Pavis.'
                                KoS p212

The last mention is that Yazurkial Blue-llama leads a horde to
help Argrath tear down the Red Moon. But this is far off in the

>I actually can't find anything about the SunStop - could
>somebody point me in the right direction?

That gives a potted history of the Sunstop and its traumatic

>Stephen Martin suggested the 5 eyes
>temple (which alas I haven't got). Could you tell me enough about this
>so that I could make my own up?

It's five caves. A Dragon lives in one and there's a newtling temple
there. The newtlings were all hostile to Duke Raus of Rone but they
were pacified about 1615. Any newtlings there now are more friendly


>*BTW, Peter's recent idea that there might have been (still is?) some sort
>of post-Manzikert "captive Red Emperor" held somewhere in Kralorela is one
>of the coolest things I've heard in a long while!

Still lives IMO.

Martin Dick:

>Soul doomed to Hell. Come what may, the soul of the initiate
>will end up in hell for their deeds when they die.

Technically I think all Orlanthi souls go to the Underworld.
Perhaps they go to Dead Air?

>Sacrifice enemies to Orlanth. Captured enemies must be killed
>and sacrificed to Orlanth. The ceremony is usually simple and to the

I think the traditional Orlanthi sacrifice is to hang your victim
from the branches of an oak tree and break his weapons and shield
beneath him. This was followed by the norse (the sacrifice was to
Odin) and is apparently the reason why modern gallows are made of

- --Peter Metcalfe


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