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Date: Mon 02 Feb 1998 - 13:32:06 EET

A while ago I wrote a short comment of the consept of the "golden age",
and this seems to have spawned quite a thread. The original consept seems
to to have become muddled tough.
  When I spoke of "the golden age" I wasn't referring to the era in the GL
Monomyth. I used the term as it is used in RW anthropology, meaning the
belief that "Things were better before" wich indeed is a almost universal
belief among iron age/earlier cultures.

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> Date: Sun, 1 Feb 1998 13:31:26 +1300 (NZDT)
> From: (Peter Metcalfe)
> Subject: more wafflings...
> Stephen Martin:
> >How can you say the Doraddi have no conception of a Golden Age?
> Perhaps if you read Gods of Glorantha:
> 'The Golden Age
> A period of universal peace is usually recognized. Most
> cultures hearken back to this time as an era of perfection.
> A few, notably the Doraddi and Orlanthi, believe it to
> have been a period of tyranny and stagnation'
> Cults Book p9

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So, you could still say that the Orlanthi believe in "a golden age". They
have stories about the Storm Age, when Orlanth and his people accomplished
great deeds, now impossible. They know of the great power and majesty of
kingdoms and empires long gone (1st counsel, EWF... and so on). The
orlanthi are people of change, so they are more inclined to seek greatness
in the future than, for instance, the Yelmites, but even they seem to
think that the "old world" was more powerful, more magical and so on...
(It doesn't mean they necessarily want to bring back the old days and
ways tough)
  I can't remember anything about the Doraddi at the moment tough, but I
bet even they have myths and beliefs about the long gone days of power
when gods and spirits walked with men and gread deeds changed the face of
the world.

        -Mikko, the Adept


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