Orlanth Rebellious

From: Michael Schwartz (mschwartz@mindspring.com)
Date: Mon 02 Feb 1998 - 15:07:27 EET

Kudos to Martin Dick for a fascinating Orlanth alternative, although I
disagree with many of the particulars. I am especially at odds with the
notion that damnation is the only possible end for a initiate of Orlanth
Rebellious, as even Orlanth himself was not so completely and utterly
damned that he could not make recompense.

Regardless, I think the subcult is certainly alive and well in
post-conquest Sartar, even to the extent of having widespread popular
support and sufficient political influence to render it a threat to Lunar
dominance. It seems likely to me that the Cold Wind Movement would be an
ideal place for the subcult to gain a foothold, and that group's more
fanatical members would make promising initiates of the Widdershins Path.

Sarostip Cold-eye of "Home of the Bold" fame seems a likely leader for
the modern resurgence of the subcult, although he might name it "Orlanth
Avenger" or even "Humakt Avenger", as that seems a little more in line
with what we already know about Sartarite cultural myth.

Michael Schwartz mschwartz@mindspring.com Ann Arbor, MI USA
"What if life actually *was* fair, and we somehow deserved all the
truly awful things that happened to us?" -- Marcus Cole, Babylon 5


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