RE: Sandy's Maunderings

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Mon 02 Feb 1998 - 22:57:43 EET

Nils W. re: Kralorela
>if the contacts with the land of the dead have broke off, are the
deified emperors still accessible to worship? If not, there >would be
some serious disruption.
        Well, the POW goes _somewhere_, right? ;)
        Seriously, I think this is right in keeping with the standard
Kralori mystique and ethos -- everything looks good, even perfect, on
the surface, but when you dig a little bit into their psyche, you find
all kinds of suppressed doubts, concerns, disbelief, and potential
apostasy. "_Can_ we really contact the old dead emperors?" "Where does

the POW _really_ go?" these questions must occasionally plague the mind
of all but the most faithful subjects of the Empire. There you have the
Kralori contradiction -- desperately trying to believe because anything
else would be unthinkable!
        Fortunately, the old dead emperors have each left a bit of
themselves behind in the land in accessible fashion. You have Da Loong
Da (AKA Daruda) dragon magic, Mih Tsu La (Mitsyla) mysticism, Yung Ti
(Yelm) sunlight, and Shan Vyang (Vayobi) bureaucracy. All are worshiped
because of these quite material and obvious benefits. You may ask
whether the deceased god receives the worship, or whether the worship
contributes to the maintenance of these mundane joys, but that way lies
madness. You may as well ask whether worshiping the Divine Emperor
actually keeps the empire running, or whether the sun would continue to
rise & set if the Song of Golden Ecstasy was not sung in the Midnight
Palace each day without fail. Who would care to take the risk?


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