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From: PWegner (
Date: Mon 02 Feb 1998 - 23:36:23 EET

First I want to say thanks to Nick for addressing the Kralorela battle.
I didn't want my first message to the digest to be a "can't we all just
get along and recognize that we won't always agree and that is okay"
message. I would hate to see this digest become a place where people
don't like each other and won't "speak" to each other thus putting
people on the sidelines in an uncomfortable position. Sort of like
seeing two of your best friends fight.

Anyway, I am sort of a newbie and yet an oldie as I tested the waters of
RQ back in the early 80's but wandered away due to a lack of interest by
my gaming buddies. Having found this forum rekindled my interest. I
recently purchased a bunch of RQ stuff and am in the process of getting
more. I must say it is quite a daunting prospect. I feel like I am way
behind (much of what is discussed here is totally unfamiliar to me).
Anybody have any suggestions on how to catch up fairly quickly? I have
read Sun County, Lords of Terror, part of Shadows on the Borderlands,
and most of GoG. I also have a dog eared copy of CoP that I have read
several times. Besides these products, I have Strangers in Prax, an old
issue of Wyrm's Footnotes, and the first issue of Codex.

Also, is anyone out there in the Triangle (N.C) area? I have been out
of role playing so long I don't have a group anymore.


Paul W. Wegner


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