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In response to Richard's question about PC motivations, David Dunham points
>One thought that occurs to me is that there may be "another" Argrath White
>Bull. Greg has several times suggested that Sartar wasn't the only person
>trying to unite the Quivini tribes, and a few similar cases I forget, and
>from this I get the sense that times are simply ripe for something to
>happen. Argrath was simply the most successful to forge union between the
>tribes. But perhaps in your campaign, there's someone else trying the same
>thing? It's possible he ends up being revealed as AWB, more likely he's a
>less successful version whose small successes end up being considered part
>of AWB to later historians.

This reminds me that there are Praxian Secret Societies which could be the
bond to bring the PCs together or that the PCs could be Storm Bulls and be
together on that bond (since that also crosses tribal lines). Both of these
clearly restrict the PCs in some extent. In the former the PCs would still
clan-based and would not just be able to go galavanting off to pursue their
Society stuff and then come back at will to the clan. In the latter, they
still have clan ties, but their Storm Bull allegiance would come first and
would not be going back to their clan for magic. Also, STorm Bulls would
little interest I think in digging out a Cradle--more likely to destroy it
as potential

An Argrath White Bull figure could be a cross-tribal charismatic leader, but
swear allegiance to him would be, I think, to sever the clan bond. And the
to get magic would be clearly limited (requires a renegade shaman
to assist him I think).



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