Knight Fort/EWF

Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 02:26:42 EET

     I have been seeing a lot of speculation as to the origin of the Knight

> ...the fairly general consensus that the Fort was actually built in the God
> Learner period, ...

     Um, wouldn't that put it smack dab in the middle of the EWF? Who had quite

amicable relation with the Praxians? (As in, whole tribes belonged to the EWF?)

     Perhaps it dates to the period between the Broken Council and the EWF? Or
maybe Palangio the Iron Vrok built it to keep out the nomads? Some of them
out as mercs to the Council, but surely not all the tribes were friendly?

> ...The present situation, with its mishmash of Masks,
> Proxies, False Emperors, Hidden Emperors, apparent succession crises,
> etc. offers far more scope for campaign intrigue, colourful background,
> interesting fiction, and -- of course -- MGF. Much more on this will be
> in the Lunar Empire seminar transcript, included in the Chicago RQ-Con
> Compendium -- "coming soon", I understand from its compilers.

     Um, yes. As chief compiler, I apologize for not getting it out for GC
Editing is almost finished....sigh.

          Andrew Joelson
          Chairman, GC IV


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