Fortifications in RQ

Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 06:15:42 EET

Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone else felt there was an interesting incongruity in
RQ as stands, namely, the state (or lack) of fortifications.

Certainly there's Kartolin (more a defended pass), and most major cities
are walled, but where are the castles? Carmania has some, I suppose, and
Loskalm must, but in RW history fortifications - as distinct from fortified
civic centers - evolved almost universally. They're *everywhere* once the
culture reaches a certain point, from Assyria, to furthest Scotland, to
China, to meso America. Except in Glorantha. Of course I'm not saying G
had to always be a parallel to the RW, but this seems such a dominant
theme, and is conspicuous in absence.

Where's the epic seiges (Whitewall notwithstanding; I suppose this one is
merely waiting for the epic to be written....)? The daring assaults? It
seems most documented fortifications are glorified burrows.

At first I would ascribe this to magic - I mean with flying creatures
common, and wall-shattering magic available, what's the point in investing
your hard-extorted gold in building a pile of rock? But then, why the
extensive fortifications around Pavis, Boldhome, Whitewall, et al? And if
these magics are available, there must be counters, or why would the seige
of Whitewall - performed by perhaps the most magically adept and
well-organized force in the world - be such a stall?

I was just wondering if anyone else had thought about these issues. I have
a number of other comments, rationalizations, and the resulting effect on
my Glorantha, but I'd like to see some comments from others first...


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