Praxian Spirit Cults

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Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 06:01:19 EET

Erik Nolander is very observant:
>"CORFLU" -- Zola Fel, Cleansed One, Gorakiki-Dragonfly, Rainbow Girl

Why "Corflu"? Is there a Praxian name as well?

As written in Drastic: Prax, I used Corflu -- couldn't come up with a
better name. Remember, in my belief the Praxians don't always use the
"modern" names, just as they didn't use this historical names. To them,
this place is "Where Zola Fel first came to Prax," not Feroda or Corflu.
Corflu was used for the comfort of the reader. Note that I will not be so
kind in Drastic: Darkness.

>HORN GATE -- Chan-Rolla (pronounced Chan Roya), Bronze Treasure,

Would "Chan-Rolla" be a different name for Chalana Arroy?

Damn, I wasn't sure anyone would catch that -- very good, I am pleased.

Stephen Martin
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