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Date: Mon 02 Feb 1998 - 20:18:26 EET

Peter: <<Given that the current kralori system owes more to the FDR than to
Yanoor's system, I find such distinctions to be in the eye of the beholder.

Now given the parallel of the culturally continous link between the roman
republic and the byzantine empire that I brought up, do you find anything
wrong with the statement above? If so, why?>>

     I don't find anything wrong with it in the sense that I think its
necessarily false; I just don't see that (given the paucity of information
available) its necessarily true, either. I find the idea that the current
Kralori system owes more to Yanoor than to the FDR to be the more interesting
idea of the two, so that's the one I prefer.

<<And what changes have I been demanding that make it uninteresting? Did you
not like the Hell notes? Or how about the Heavenly Kingdoms? Godunya the
Senile? The Red Emperor at Kuchawn? This is your chance to articulate what
exactly you find wrong with my ideas. I would normally have included the
concept that the God Learners have wrought
change in Kralorela but that idea is not mine for it can be found in the
published literature.>>

     To take the extremes: The Heavenly Kingdoms were good - please don't
think I'm decrying all your ideas! Godunya the Senile I seriously disliked.
Again, I'm not saying that it is wrong, merely that I don't beleive we have
enough information to judge whether or not it's correct.

<<I would be much more polite in this debate if people decides to offer
something more constructive to my arguments than a 'Nope. YMMV' as one poster
(who shall remain anonymous) appeared to delight in doing.>>

     Yeah, sorry about that.

<<But to give Trotsky something to really fume about, I have to say that I'm
disappointed that he only singles me out for rudeness and ignores the use of
strawmen and false allegations made by another person in this debate. Perhaps
this selectivity is due to a coprolithic brain?>>

     I can't say that I noticed that that was the case, but perhaps thats just
because I agreed with the other ideas more. Or maybe I do have a coprolithic

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