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Andrew Joelson:

>I have been seeing a lot of speculation as to the origin of the Knight Fort.

>> ...the fairly general consensus that the Fort was actually built in the God
>> Learner period, ...

> Um, wouldn't that put it smack dab in the middle of the EWF? Who had
>quite amicable relation with the Praxians? (As in, whole tribes belonged
to >the EWF?)

The situation is quite complicated. The EWF sent allied horse nomads
into Prax to fight the nomads in 620 ST at the battle of Necklace Horse.
The last of the nomads weren't 'expelled'* from Prax until 740 ST at
the Battle of the Third Wing. However the Battle Banner of the EWF was
present at then and so the Second Dragon was there. And as KoS points
out, the Second Dragon took the field when other armies had been defeated
three times. So a lot of fighting must have taken place between 620 ST
and 740 ST.

The God Learners established Feroda in 720 ST. Presumably they
had have contacted God Forgot at that time. Feroda lasted up to
780 ST when the God Learners converted the Pure Horse Tribe to

their cause and built Robcradle. This must have pissed off the EWF
greatly and I suspect they are responsible for arousing the Giants
and Waha to raze Robcradle and Feroda in 800 ST. So Knights Fort
could have been built (or reoccupied) to maintain land communications
between God Forgot and Feroda and/or Robcradle.

*I've put 'expelled' in quotes as I think the situation was really
more akin to the Sable Rider dominance of Prax today rather than
total exclusion.

>Perhaps it dates to the period between the Broken Council and the EWF?

The period between the Broken Council and the EWF is one of troll
dominance in Dragon Pass and the Holy Country. I doubt that the
God Learners were around then (although the trolls did have troubles
with the Slontans). Thus I'm uncertain that the Only Old One would
have mounted knights to build a fortress in Prax.

>maybe Palangio the Iron Vrok built it to keep out the nomads? Some of them
>hired out as mercs to the Council, but surely not all the tribes were

Entirely possible.

Mark Mohrfield:

On Gunda the Guilty

>Can we have any info on her background, though? Her Malkioni (or would
>that be Brithini?) style abilities and equipment surprised me, I thought
>that she was from Ygg's Islands or some Orlanthi land.

She was the daughter of a Valkyrie who was conquered and raped by a
cruel philosoher according to Dragon Pass.


>I was wondering if anyone else felt there was an interesting incongruity in
>RQ as stands, namely, the state (or lack) of fortifications.

Listed Castles and Fortifications in the published literature excluding
Loskalm, Carmania and walled cities:

Jonatela: 'Castles, rich and modern in the lowlands and poor and
ancient in the Highlands, house the knights and noblemen who rule
the land' Genertela Book p13. The King is also 'a skilled siege
expert' GB p13.

Kralorela: The Iron Forts described in ES Secrets Book p12.

Maniria: 'Now a set of chivalrous families, called the Trader
Princes, hold a chain of forts stretching from Bastis to Esrolia'
GB p46

Ralios: Zorakarkat 'is a temple and fort constructed by the Duke of
naskorion to facilitate the passage of troll caravans across Ralios'
GB p75. Kustria contains a huge castle built by King Ulianus II GB p71

Sartar: Prince Saronil built the excellent Tower of Sarotar Keep.
Prince Jarolar is noted for building Great Stone Forts of Duckton,
Runegate, Dangerford and Jarolar Keep according to KoS. Fort Tikand
is mentioned as being an EWF fort guarding the approaches to Snakepipe
hollow. Near the Sazdorf ruins are two ruined forts (Wyrm's Keep and
the Old King's Lookout) and a extant fort (the King's Tower). In
addition there's the Big Wall but nobody knows what it was originally.

Seshnela: Castle Coast (doh!). Basmol Ruins 'These ruins are of the
fortress of the Basmoli, an ancient kingdom' GB p79.

Timms: 'two years ago the King [of Jonatela] began seizing castles
in Timms to support his claims there' GB p18.

There are bound to be unmentioned forts all over the place.

>Where's the epic seiges (Whitewall notwithstanding; I suppose this one is
>merely waiting for the epic to be written....)? The daring assaults? It
>seems most documented fortifications are glorified burrows.

The Castle of Lead and the Shadow Plateau were besieged during the
Chaos Wars and not relieved until Arkat landed. That's roughly
40 years.

The Machine City managed to hold out for 10 years against overwhelming

Alkoth has been besieged by numerous foes and never fallen(*). The
Carmanians have besieged it for seventy years.

*Yes, I *know* there are copious references to Alkoth falling to
Sylila and Sheng Seleris and maps in the Fortunate Succession which

indicate that Alkoth fell to the EWF. However when I was at Victoria,
I spoke to Nick and Greg about this. To give the context, Nick was
enthusing to Greg and Me about Martin Laurie's story about the Wooden
Bull in Enclosure. I then being the tiresome pedant asked:

'But wasn't Alkoth captured by Sheng Seleris and the EWF and all that?'

They, as one person, shook their heads and said 'nah'. And that, dear
reader, is that.

>At first I would ascribe this to magic - I mean with flying creatures
>common, and wall-shattering magic available, what's the point in investing
>your hard-extorted gold in building a pile of rock? But then, why the
>extensive fortifications around Pavis, Boldhome, Whitewall, et al? And if
>these magics are available, there must be counters, or why would the seige
>of Whitewall - performed by perhaps the most magically adept and
>well-organized force in the world - be such a stall?

The problem with flying magic is that it is only known by a few.
They can fly over the walls easily enough. The real problem is
that, once inside, the flyers (or jumpers or leapers) are
outnumbered by the defenders. So either they find a door and
open it to allow the beseigers in or they are stuffed.

Wall-shattering magic is wellknown but people just build heavier
walls. Thus it needs a temple of earthpriests to bring down the
walls of a city you want to storm. Which is more expensive than
a basic siege train (containing ladders and rams).

Martin Dick:

MD>>>Soul doomed to Hell. Come what may, the soul of the initiate
>>>will end up in hell for their deeds when they die.
>> Technically I think all Orlanthi souls go to the Underworld.
>> Perhaps they go to Dead Air?

>I guess I was thinking of somewhere other than Orlanth's Hall, perhaps
>they go to the place that Yelm ended up when he dies, though Dead Air
>sounds interesting? Can you tell me more?

        'Dead Air: Where the cursed are hunted day and night by
        hungry spirits'
                        KoS p69

- --Peter Metcalfe


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