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Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 12:53:13 EET

Hi all,

Thanks for all the replies received. I shall have to split themes into
separate threads.

I've read the bit about the Sunstop - pretty spooky stuff.

How about this:

Cradle with Giant Baby floating down the river when suddenly everything
stops (Sunstop). Cradle drifts with river currents, eventually snarling
up by its banks or at one of the bogs.

Baby now leaves or is tempted away. If I was hanging around nearby I
wouldn't take it on - but if I wanted to get at whatever was incide I
could try leading the baby away with some sort of giant rattle / bag of
sweets / that sort of thing. Or get in there and tickle its toes then
persuade it to follow you out. This all assumes that this really is a
*baby* in every sense of the word.

Who could have been around at that time to do this? Oasis people?
Nomads? Pol Joni? What about newtlings (with a nice tie in to the 5 eyes


Could the giant baby still be around, but grown up? Could it be somebody

When the sun started again, there are a number of possibilities:

Looting of the cradle could be at any stage - I would opt for just
started. If a lot of stuff had been taken then the Jrusteli might have
been able to figure out what had happened.

Now all the magics kick in, but:

a) the baby is not there anymore
b) the cradle is no longer cleanly in the river

c) that great splodge has happened on the sun

At that point the cradle sinks. Maybe it sinks 'cos the the magics which
propelled it along now cause it to tip over. Or maybe the splodge across
the sun causes some of defensive magics to malfunction, cracking the
thing. Or maybe (my preferred idea):

With the baby gone, the cradle automatically sinks, in order to protect
its contents. This is part of the enchantments upon it, and it'll remain
sunk until the "baby" returns.

Now something which was either looted, or dropped by the baby itself
could, if properly employed, cause this cradle to rise again. If the
defensive magics were still operating then it could look pretty much
unscathed - and what a sight that would be, rising up out of the mud!

If this same artifact gave access into / protection from the cradle then
- -.. lots of possibilities :-)

That artifact, obscure and possibly otherwise powerless, could provide
the "bilbo's ring" style introduction to the campaign. It will take a
long time to figure out what it's all about and what it can do, but the
existing cradle scenario would be excellent at giving that realisation.
i.e. the PCs encounter the cradle in a version of MOB's Mad Prax
scenario and realise, when almost on board the thing, that they know
about another one (what an exciting discovery?)

Preposterous or possible?

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