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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 14:38:01 EET

Nils worries that I'm getting at him. To straighten this out: I have
the greatest possible respect and admiration for Nils Weinander's work
in Kralorela and the East Isles, and earnestly strive to uphold his
original discoveries and insights. I feel there is a balance to be
struck between the two camps -- Continuity (the Kralori Golden Age
as inspiration for the modern Empire) and Change (the impact of the
book-burning, the False Dragon Ring, and other historic events on
said Empire). I would devoutly hope that nobody is taking this to
excess ("Kralorela today is *identical* to its Godtime state" vs.
"Kralorela today is *quite unrecognisable* from what it looked like
ten years ago"). And I feel that Peter and Stephen -- mostly, let it
be said, Stephen -- have escalated a reasonable dispute about the
relative merits of continuity vs. change into an unpleasant slanging
match which I don't really want to follow.

Stephen writes a proposal that Ralian nincompoops built Knight Fort
because it'd be too expensive to stop, then asks:

> Is this something like your idea for the place?

Not really. As I posted and recently reiterated, I think it was built
in the Middle Sea Empire period by God Learners as a buffer protecting
their settlements in God Forgot (inc. Casino Town and Machine City)
from raids out of Prax. Then reoccupied over the years by a variety of
tenants, including Heortlanders, Trader Prince entrepreneurs, and most
recently Sir Richard's Rokari mercenaries. I do like your "Western
Explorers in Prax" notion, and would love to hear this story from the
Praxian side -- and, of course, to discover their remnants out on the
High Plaines. (My guess: they blundered into the Dead Place and lost
all the sorcerous benefits they had brought with them).

Certainly the Trader Princes could have "refurbished" the ancient God
Learner stronghold -- it's unlikely the Praxians could do much by way
of slighting such a fortress. And *this* might be the (lesser) expense
they thought it worthwhile seeing through to the end, despite the loss
of a potential Praxian market. (NB: let's not forget that the Trader
Prince strongholds through Wenelia are in a rather vulnerable position:
it could well be that by the time the Praxian Venturers' Company were
about to up sticks and head back to their home fortress, they learned
that they didn't control it any more -- a "hostile takeover" by natives
or by neighbouring Trader Princes can ruin your whole day! At which
point, they're stuck on the Praxian Marches with current possession of
a rather nice fortress -- plenty of incentive to settle down.

> One idea is to have this long-lost Cradle's magical defenses activated
> when The Cradle floats down the river. Many people see the magic glows
> and hear the strange sounds, but most are too scared to investigate.

A *great* suggestion for why it's rediscovered now. Not only does this
make it easier to find the Cradle today: it also allows you to make it
easier to access (i.e. if some of the awakened defenders have tunnelled
out, or even if the whole Cradle is beginning to excavate itself). Nice



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