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Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 15:56:50 EET

> EWF? Who had quite amicable relation with the Praxians? (As in, whole
> tribes belonged to the EWF?)

David Dunham:
This is the same EWF which needed to import Pentan horse nomads to provide
a buffer against Praxian raids? The same EWF that backed the building of
the city of Pavis, hated by all Praxian nomads?

     Urm??? The EWF hired Pentans to fight the Praxians? This is certainly
the first I heard of it. How did they contact the Pentans, anyway? Pent is
on the other side of Prax & Vultures Country/the Waste. The EWF wouldn't
have come into contact witht the Pentans until after conquering Dara Happa
and moving through what is now known as the Redlands.
     The EWF helped Pavis build his city? If I ever heard this, I had
forgotten it (entirely possible). But I seem to recall this event being

described largely as a fight between Pavis & the Dwarves vs the Giants,
and the Giants lost.

David Dunham some more:
I'll bet you say Sheng Seleris had a cordial relation with the Lunar

     A little less sarcasm if you please. Allow me to remind you that in
the EWF mini-LARP/event/whatever that _you_ put on at GC V, one of the
counsel members was a Tribal Khan. The name something-or-other Golden
Tongue sticks in my memory. This guy complained about the God Learner

port of Feroda & the EWF promptly stepped on it.


     I too like the idea of a Red Emperor in Kralorela as a 'guest'.
Might I suggest that it is the original, ever-reincarnating, always the
same Red Emperor described in Whire Bear & Red Moon? But Sheng Seleris
figured out that by keeping him alive as a prisoner, he somehow prevented
the appearance of the next, identical brother. This would be the time
decribed as when the Red Emperor died & did not return. Finally, after
much effort, Lunar supporters put together the new Red Emperor out of
the Egi, (with the Goddess's blessing, of course). That started the line
of Emperors that changed with each incarnation, as described in later



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