From: Jane Williams (
Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 21:01:14 EET

Thanks for the stats, Sandy: this is the time I've seen any of the "main"
NPCs written out in RQ terms. Lots of high numbers there: it looked to me
to have gone beyond the point at which RQ is normally regarded as
"broken". Has she actually been played with those numbers?

There seem to be some considerable differences between this version and
the Gunda described on p108 of Wyrms Footprints. Deliberate, or am I
misunderstanding things?

Of course, we can deduce a little more from this. Kallyr killed her.
Somehow. Therefore, Kallyr's stats must be equally impressive. I'd been
ignoring them until I found a rule system that worked, for now, but this
at least gives me an idea of scale.

BTW, not that I really want to get nto a rules debate, but aren't most of
those stats and skills impossible to reach under normal RQ rules? I know
she's only half-human, but POW 78, CON 45???

Jane Williams


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