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Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 21:02:58 EET

Mark Mohrfield re: Gunda the Guilty
>Neat! Especially that "Stormbringer-in-reverse" effect the spear
has.Can we have any info on her background, though?
        Most of her adventures were in Fronela, but I can't say for sure
that's where she was born. That is where she defeated the notorious
Queen of the Kiss (source of many of her special curses & problems), and
received the Ogre King's Doom. Basically, the Queen of the Kiss enslaved
any entity which she could smooch. She managed to kiss Gunda, too, but
Gunda broke the spell. Sort of.
        Gunda was with Harrek in Pamaltela, but I don't know if they met
there, or if she followed him there (or vice versa). She doesn't love
Harrek (she can't love anyone), but Harrek loves her with all the
affection his twisted psyche can muster.

>Her Malkioni (or would that be Brithini?) style abilities and equipment
surprised me, I thought that she was
>from Ygg's Islands or some Orlanthi land.
        She is not Brithini, but has done a lot of stuff with Sog City
working with & against the Brithini there. Her dad was definitely a
Malkioni wizard. Her mom was called a "valkyrie" in Dragon Pass, but
this may be a code-word for a female Malkioni knight of renown.

>>And naturally should you kill Gunda, you have an angry Harrek to deal
with. <<
 >That's one problem I doubt that too many PC's will ever have!
        Well, true enough. Note that one reason for Harrek's anger is
that he _knows_ that Gunda, dead, is doomed to the darkest hells
Glorantha has to offer.

>Runes: Darkness 50; Ocean 15; Earth 0; Sky 0; Storm 35; Lunar 0
> Man 70
> Change/Stasis 40/45; Harmony/Disorder 3/75; Life/Death 25/65
> Truth/Illusion 85/15

Tal Meta
>Yowza. I was following right along till I spotted this! This looks alot
like something I'd been thinking of trying to do, if it is >what I think
it is (but it probably isn't). What is it, BTW?
        It's just what you think it is ;)


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