Giant cradle ideas

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Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 21:35:37 EET

> Richard writes:
> How about this:
> Cradle with Giant Baby floating down the river when suddenly everything
> stops (Sunstop). Cradle drifts with river currents, eventually snarling
> up by its banks or at one of the bogs.
> Baby now leaves or is tempted away. If I was hanging around nearby I
> wouldn't take it on - but if I wanted to get at whatever was incide I
> could try leading the baby away with some sort of giant rattle / bag of
> sweets / that sort of thing. Or get in there and tickle its toes then
> persuade it to follow you out. This all assumes that this really is a
> *baby* in every sense of the word.

Ok, we know that the elder giants sent their babies down the RoC to
Magasta's Pool into hell as an important part of their maturation. So,
any baby that did not make it to hell is going to be developementally
stunted - maybe he is still alive (Elder giants are, as far as I know
immortal - or at least extremely long lived), but wandering around as a
giant toddler... This has immense MGF potential - imagine that the only
way to get into the cradle now that its defenses are up again is with this
giant. Now the PCs have to get the co-operation of an immense toddler...
*Waaaah* - I wanna play horsie NOW!!!

> Could the giant baby still be around, but grown up? Could it be somebody
> famous?

As going to hell was an essential part of their maturation I doubt it will
be grown up (but see above).

> Looting of the cradle could be at any stage - I would opt for just
> started. If a lot of stuff had been taken then the Jrusteli might have
> been able to figure out what had happened.

It would be more fun for it not to have been looted at all IMHO.

> Now all the magics kick in, but:
> a) the baby is not there anymore

We know that there would be a Gold Wheel Dancer on board - maybe once
he/she/it realised that the baby was no longer on board it decided to put

the cradle (and itself) into stasis until it returned. Now, once you get
onto the cradle you have a GWD that has been asleep since the 2nd age,
completely out of touch! MAybe it thinks that the PCs are Jurusteli,
whatever it does could be a great plot...

> With the baby gone, the cradle automatically sinks, in order to protect
> its contents. This is part of the enchantments upon it, and it'll remain
> sunk until the "baby" returns.

This might be something the GWD did.

> Now something which was either looted, or dropped by the baby itself
> could, if properly employed, cause this cradle to rise again. If the
> defensive magics were still operating then it could look pretty much
> unscathed - and what a sight that would be, rising up out of the mud!

I still think it would be much more fun if you had to return the baby
itself... And, if the cradle is left relatively intact, maybe the baby
could resume its voyage down to hell - your PCs could have their own
cradle adventure without any need for you to have the origional cradle

> Preposterous or possible?

Extremely possible, especially with the marvelous "Five friends" idea
proposed in an earlier digest.

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