The Cradle

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Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 22:40:16 EET

Richard Develyn:

>Baby now leaves or is tempted away. If I was hanging around nearby I
>wouldn't take it on - but if I wanted to get at whatever was incide I
>could try leading the baby away with some sort of giant rattle / bag of
>sweets / that sort of thing. Or get in there and tickle its toes then
>persuade it to follow you out. This all assumes that this really is a
>*baby* in every sense of the word.

Others have been much more brutal towards the baby. This is from a
second age document (supposedly written 682 ST but in Old Pavic?)
about the looting of a cradle.

        'The child put up quite a struggle on his own. He seemed
        docile at first, but I think he was angered when his
        friends were broken and his giant anny-maid was killed.
        Anybody whom he slapped was killed, or nearly so, an
        though the pathetic creature wailed when the spears struck
        him, he did not cease struggling until he was dead.'
                                        Pavis Episodes p27

>Who could have been around at that time to do this? Oasis people?
>Nomads? Pol Joni? What about newtlings (with a nice tie in to the
>5 eyes temple)?

The Pol Joni were not around in then having been in Prax only since
1420 ST. I doubt the nomads will loot the cradle as Waha was quite
friendly towards the giants when they sacked Robcradle. The newtlings
don't really seem to be afflicted with human-type greed.

>Could the giant baby still be around, but grown up? Could it be somebody

The giants (they are actually Elder Giants) are very big and are not
your RQIII giant. The baby girl in the Cradle Adventure was 10 metres
long despite being comparable in development to a nine month human baby.
So it's probably not grown up.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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