Seiges of Alkoth

Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 21:50:04 EET

Peter Metcalfe
>Alkoth has been besieged by numerous foes and never fallen(*). The =

>Carmanians have besieged it for seventy years. =

>*Yes, I *know* there are copious references to Alkoth falling to
>Sylila and Sheng Seleris and maps in the Fortunate Succession which =

>indicate that Alkoth fell to the EWF. However when I was at Victoria,
>I spoke to Nick and Greg about this. To give the context, Nick was
>enthusing to Greg and Me about Martin Laurie's story about the Wooden
>Bull in Enclosure. I then being the tiresome pedant asked:
>'But wasn't Alkoth captured by Sheng Seleris and the EWF and all that?'

Naaah! =

It depends on what you meant by "fell". Its undoubtedly true that Alkoth=

ceased offering resistance to Sheng and the EWF but it did _not_ fall and=

has never fallen to military force. The Sylilans are tricky and used
cunning, the EWF negotiated a good deal and Sheng was seen in some circle=
within Alkoth as a return to just and honest rule and a sort of throwback=

to the glorious days of the Dominiion of Shargash.

One could argue that Alkoth "would" have fallen to the EWF or Sheng if th=
city had continued to resist but such arguments are of course fallacious=

and can easily be solved by the arguer being belted over the head with a
big mace and dumped in the Enclosure with the other corpses. Lets see th=
smug bastard tell SHARGASH that his city would have fallen!

Martin Laurie


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