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Thank you for your replies on this element of my campaign - thank you
Peter for all those KoS quotes.

The situation between 1617-1621 is pretty much clear from RofC/SC/etc.

The cradle appears 1621 and floats off (according, I believe, to
established wisdom) with an Argrath (White Bull) inside it. Main hero
wars events then happen elsewhere.

> 'When Soreel learned that the giant's cradle had escaped,
> he was furious and threatened to take his own household
> to get it the Other Way. However his advisors convinced
> him not to, and instead he set out to persecute those who
> had helped it to escape.'
> KoS p176

Sor-Eel is foul tempered over this and so begins a persecution of anyone
who helped it escape. Now, who would that be: Orlanthi definately, ducks
and newtlings I think so, what about nomads - where did they stand in
the cradle affair (helping it escape or trying to catch it)?

Does Sor-Eel eventually get sent home in disgrace and replaced? Or is it
buisness as usual from the lunar empire?

> 'One day a new sickness came to the city. Argrath was
> among those who fell ill. The Pavis priests said it was
> something the lunar miners had uncovered. People became
> weak, disorientated, and lapsed into unconciousness. Only
> Priests of Orlanth could heal them, and many people sneaked
> out of the city to find them.'
> KoS p176

Was I wrong about Argrath escaping on the cradle or is this possibly -
another- Argrath (of Pavis)? Only priests of Orlanth could heal them -

so was this a beginning of a return to favour for Orlanth and a pushing
out of the Lunars?

The next quote mentions Argrath returning and the Lunar Sorcerers now
persecuting the nomads more. This is ok. It takes us up to 1624 ST.

Now I believe Corflu was pretty battered during the Cradle incident,
however now it's occupied by another Argrath called White Bull (with
Wolf Pirates and Newtlings). The Lunar army row down to fight him and

are pretty seriously defeated.

This new Argrath now marches up to Pavis and is helped from the inside
by his namesake. Nomads now move in and slaughter all the lunars in
Pavis. Argrath of Pavis is made leader and the lunars go off to Sartar
where they are in turn massacred. This pretty much takes me up to 1629

The main area not mentioned is what is happening at Sun County during
these 8 years? What is Solanthos up to (esp with Sor-Eel)?


- --
Richard Develyn


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