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From: Nils Weinander (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 00:38:43 EET

> There are bound to be unmentioned forts all over the place.

And some mentioned ones as well: the citadels of Elkoi,
Trilus and Dykene in Balazar. (despite Nick:
> you wouldn't expect
> to find them in primitive lands like Balazar;
) I admit that they aren't exactly used as fortresses any
more though.

The dwarf walking fortress Harajallenburg.

Nick again:
> As for Kralorela, I leave this to the experts: Sandy, Nils and Peter.
> They have their Iron Forts (Great Wall of China analogue); I'm sure
> they have forts and strongholds and watch-towers within the country.

On the walls of the Kralorelan fortifications I see
lots of pennants and banners with Kralorelan writing
on them, all written mysticism according to the
mystic magic rules I use, for the defenders to use
for themeselves and against the enemy. A very nice
idea originated by Sandy.

Most fortifications are probably towards the borders
to Ignorance and Fethlon.

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