Knight Fort

From: Richard, Jeff (
Date: Tue 03 Feb 1998 - 23:06:48 EET

Howdy y'all. I've returned from South Australia, enjoying the wonderful
hospitality of MOB, Hugh McVicker, Andrew Bean and many other worthies.

Andrew Joelson recently wrote a strange comment suggesting that the
Knight Fort might not have been originally built in the God Learner
period since:

> Um, wouldn't that put it smack dab in the middle of the EWF? Who had
>quite amicable relation with the Praxians? (As in, whole tribes belonged
to the EWF?)

I whole-heartedly agree with the responses of David Dunham and Peter
Metcalfe that refute the idea that (1) Knight Fort was smack dab in the
middle of the EWF (I'm afraid that position is occupied by Kerofinela)
and (2) the Praxians had "quite amicable relations" with the EWF.

As for Andrew's suggestion that the fortress dates to the period between
the Broken Council and the EWF, I find that equally unlikely. Although
I would add to Peter's description of "the period between the Broken
Council and the EWF is one of troll
dominance in Dragon Pass and the Holy Country" a mention of the
resurgent Heortling allies of the trolls, I agree with him that I doubt
the fortress was built then.

I am thoroughly convinced that Knight Fort was NOT built by Palangio.
The Bright Empire was building military-religious fortresses of a type
VERY DIFFERENT from Knight Fort.

Personally, I'd date Knight Fort to the period of Jrusteli dominance.
Of course, I suspect that it has been rebuilt and reoccupied numerous
times since then.



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