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From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 00:44:38 EET

I recently chatted to Daniel Fahey about Argrath(s), and one of his
fine notions was this:

: ... every other man in Sartar is named Argrath. This means that
: the fire-lighting was the result of thousands of "Argraths" trying
: over a period of years to re-light the flame. Each put in his point
: until there were enuf points that whoever the next person was who
: tried it would succeed. This could have been Kallyr. That means
: that she did light it, but that an eighth of the population had
: added points to it before and so it could also be truthfully said
: that "Argrath" lit it. "I'm Spartacus!" I don't like this idea.

I *do* like it, if only to illustrate the absurdity you can get to
when a "multiple Argraths" theory gets taken to extremes.

Or, if the "Spartacus" parallel doesn't bite, how's about this:

        "I'm Argrath!"

                "No, I'm Argrath!"

                        "I'm Argrath, and so's my wife..."

Andrew writes:

> The EWF hired Pentans to fight the Praxians? This is certainly the
> first I heard of it.

Reread the history section from "River of Cradles" (originally "Pavis"):
the EWF brought the Pure Horse Tribe from Pent into Prax. RoC p.8 (and
timeline p.6); Pavis Common Knowledge p.6 (and timeline p.5). They won
the battle of Necklace Horse in 620 ST, were locally dominant thereafter
for hundreds of years, presumably started "losing it" around the time
of Jaldon Toothmaker's Waha revival and Animal Nomad resurgence in the
tenth century, and went belly up at Alavan Argary in 1250 ST. Cf. also
"King of Sartar" on Alavan Argary p.192f. The Pure Horse People who got
out from under the Black Net escaped to Dragon Pass and were "remade"
by Ironhoof into the Grazer Tribe -- though this is deliberately made
obscure in KoS, which introduces the "split centaur" origin story to
muddy the waters.

> The EWF helped Pavis build his city? If I ever heard this, I had
> forgotten it (entirely possible).

Pavis was educated in the EWF, and his city was allied to it through-
out the Empire's history. The Old Pavic language is related to Auld
Wyrmish, the language of the EWF, and priests of Pavis wear EWF robes
on holy days. Source: Pavis cult, Pavis box, RQ2 rules (sub languages),

Interestingly, the construction of the City of Pavis can easily be seen
as a Man-Rune parody of the Draconic Creation Myth -- the dismembering
of the Faceless Stone Statue and use of its body parts to build the
urban "microcosm" of the City. Must be something sinister in there we
can use... :-)



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