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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 00:38:26 EET

MOB and Peter and MOB again:

> >*BTW, Peter's recent idea that there might have been (still is?) some sort
> >of post-Manzikert "captive Red Emperor" held somewhere in Kralorela is one
> >of the coolest things I've heard in a long while!
> >>Still lives IMO.
> Like a lot of stuff coming out about Kralorela lately (hell notes, eighth
> bridge, the heavenly kingdoms, etc.) this is a great example of whacky
> Gloranthan creativity at its best*! Are we talking a humilated prisoner,
> held up to ridicule in a golden cage (sort of like, say, the Emperor Romanus
> Diogenes wasn't?), a tame Prince Orhan-like pretender held in reserve as a
> diplomatic bargaining chip, or something completely different?

Howsabout drugged on black lotus, kept happy with nubile
ivory skinned slant-eyed maidens, in a blissful stupour
where he gladly accepts a subjugated position? All to
ensure that the troublesome newcomer moon can be said
to be voluntarily under the rule of the Dragon Empire.


> Nils the Impossibly Humble (and thus proof of his illumination) :)

Hey, I got a new epithet!

> or the Grey Age Emperor's becoming the Sun.

I'm a bit wary of that. Which emperor would that be?
The ones which we only know the names of are Vayobi
and Vashanti. Hmm.
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