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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 01:49:17 EET

> This is the same EWF which needed to import Pentan horse nomads to provide
> a buffer against Praxian raids? The same EWF that backed the building of
> the city of Pavis, hated by all Praxian nomads?
> Urm??? The EWF hired Pentans to fight the Praxians? This is certainly
> the first I heard of it.

"In the early Second Age came the migrations of the Pure Horse People into
northwestern Prax from their homelands in Pent. ... a tribe of the horse
barbarians agreed to come southward and live in Prax as allies to the King
of Dragon Pass. ... The Praxian nomads ... began raiding the Pure Horse
tribes instead of Dragon Pass, as had been planned by the sly leaders of
Dragon Pass." [River of Cradles p.8]

"The EWF hired a tribe of Horse People to help them conquer Prax. ... [The
tribe] moved a thousand miles south to Prax." [King of Sartar p.192]

> The EWF helped Pavis build his city? If I ever heard this, I had
> forgotten it (entirely possible). But I seem to recall this event being
> described largely as a fight between Pavis & the Dwarves vs the Giants,
> and the Giants lost.

Pavis "studied the magic of the dragons ... he made many friends among
important peoples as he progressed in his research." He then took the
statue to Dragon Pass before marching it back to Robcradle. The EWF sent a
force against the Paps. [River of Cradles p.9-10]

After Pavis died, "rather than cede control to the Empire of the Wyrm's
Friends, the city leaders ... selected a new king." [RoC.10]

Jaldon besieged Pavis and defeated "three relief armies from the Empire of
the Wyrm's Friends." [RoC.12]

"Pavis was a nobleman from the Empire of the Wyrms Friends." [KoS.191]

It was mild speculation on my part, and it may well be that the EWF gave no
official support. But support came from the EWF, official or not.

> Allow me to remind you that in
> the EWF mini-LARP/event/whatever that _you_ put on at GC V, one of the
> counsel members was a Tribal Khan. The name something-or-other Golden
> Tongue sticks in my memory. This guy complained about the God Learner
> port of Feroda & the EWF promptly stepped on it.

Perhaps you're thinking of Firegleam, leader of the Golden Horse Tribe?
There were no Praxians in the game. One of Firegleam's concerns was the
Praxian menace.

I stand by my statement: the EWF and Praxians were not friendly.

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