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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 00:38:11 EET

>> if the contacts with the land of the dead have broke off, are the
>> deified emperors still accessible to worship? If not, there would be
>> some serious disruption.

> Seriously, I think this is right in keeping with the standard
> Kralori mystique and ethos -- everything looks good, even perfect, on
> the surface, but when you dig a little bit into their psyche, you find
> all kinds of suppressed doubts, concerns, disbelief, and potential
> apostasy.
- -..
> Fortunately, the old dead emperors have each left a bit of
> themselves behind in the land in accessible fashion. You have Da Loong
> Da (AKA Daruda) dragon magic, Mih Tsu La (Mitsyla) mysticism, Yung Ti
> (Yelm) sunlight, and Shan Vyang (Vayobi) bureaucracy. All are worshiped
> because of these quite material and obvious benefits.

All this rings very true.

> You may ask
> whether the deceased god receives the worship, or whether the worship
> contributes to the maintenance of these mundane joys, but that way lies
> madness. You may as well ask whether worshiping the Divine Emperor
> actually keeps the empire running, or whether the sun would continue to
> rise & set if the Song of Golden Ecstasy was not sung in the Midnight
> Palace each day without fail. Who would care to take the risk?

Right! What I'm getting at after some additional thought is this,
if we go with Peter's idea (as I'm much inclined to do) that the
land of the dead used to be accessible and now isn't, will the
blesings of the dead emperors fade. Will the laws start to fall
apart? Will the language be babelized? etc. Those are all rhetoric

questions of course. I'd say yes in all cases. It would make
a nice backdrop forthe Hero Wars.

Peter on the same issue:

> I assume people can still reach the land of the dead through
> worship and mystic voyages

OK, I assumed stricter, that the heroquest path is closed as

> As an
> example, in the old days, one could with an imperial warrant
> travel to the Heavenly Kingdom of Mikaday and be admitted to
> the presence of the of the Most August and Wise Sage to resolve
> a knotty legal problem.

I like the imagery of that. I will begin to think of these
kind of travels as the usual type of Kralorelan heroquesting.
The more poignant if it doesn't work very well any more.

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