From: Richard Ohlson (
Date: Thu 05 Feb 1998 - 04:47:11 EET

Erik mentioned something about the Illumination rules being kinda akward, and I agree. I
like his ideas, however I'm not sure how the riddles should be handled.

On a different note, say somebody wanted to start a new campaign, and acutally use the big
pile of suplements he had collected over the years. Is there a convenient way to go from
apple lane to river of cradles? Specifically, should I more or less insist on a Zola Fel
initiate how just "happens" to be in Apple Lane with the rest of the normal, Orlanthi
types? Or should I just conveniently kill somebody off and suggest they make a river

guy? ;-) Heh heh...and keep killing people till they fall in line. Oh wait, they are
supposed to have fun too...guess that's a bit heavy handed....

On another note, any ideas on where I could get a copy of Griffin Mountain/Island?

Rich Ohlson


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