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>The cradle appears 1621 and floats off (according, I believe, to
>established wisdom) with an Argrath (White Bull) inside it. Main hero
>wars events then happen elsewhere.

        I think that Argrath White Bull is NOT Argrath Dragonspear, or
Garrath Sharpsword for that matter, and is the Argrath that becomes king of
Dragon Pass.

        I think there are three major Argraths.
        Argrath Dragonspear, aka Garrath Sharpsword, who eventually becomes
King of Dragon Pass. He goes on the Cradle, where he meets Harrek, and is
away from Genertela from 1621 to 1625.
        Argrath White Bull, who unites the tribes of the Wastes, conquers
Pavis, and then aids Argrath Dragonspear in his wars against the Empire.
        Argrath of Pavis, who is a Black Fang rebel, and who is
instrumental in the capture of Pavis. After the fall of Pavis, he doesn't
do a whole lot.

        One of the first two is also a master of the Secret Societies of
Prax, and as such is able to supply the Twin Spears and Bullocks units in
Dragon Pass.
        I think the first two are consistently confused, so that the
Argrath of Argrathsaga and Dragon Pass has elements of both, but I don't
think many people confuse the third (Bad Dream Enostar?) with the other
two, except when discussing the Fall of Pavis.

        I welcome discussion on the Argrath issue...

        BTW - I asked Greg for clarification at the Lore Auction two years
ago, and he was deliberately vague.


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