Re: Knight Fort

From: Shannon Appel (
Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 04:18:17 EET

>Regarding the origin of the God Forgot peoples: I don't believe that the
>populace there, at the dawn, was all Brithini-descended. However, there was
>an important portion of the populace which had immigrated recently (i.e.
>during the Silver Age) from the West after Malkion had disappeared. After 6
>centuries or so, probably 70% or more of the populace would have some
>Brithini ancestors.
>I hope that Tradetalk 3 will be available soon - it will contain a Darkness
>and First Age history of the Kingdom of Night, by Shannon Appel, which has
>some details on this.

Unless things have swapped around the Kethaela history is actually in
Tradetalk #4. But, yes, it does talk about the Ingareens of God
Forgot. Definitely from the West originally, and I'm not sure they'd
have that much mixing wiith other groups: they remained hidden for an
extended amount of time, and the nearest lands (modern Heortland) were
chaos waste.



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