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Date: Wed 04 Feb 1998 - 07:54:34 EET

Jane Williams

>There seem to be some considerable differences between this version and
>the Gunda described on p108 of Wyrms Footprints. Deliberate, or am I
>misunderstanding things?

I suppose it's made more mythic as the Arduin roolz characters were only
Dave's interpretations. I hate to see Clerical, Druidical or Imperial
Magic languages in glorantha!

Sandy Petersen:

>Her mom was called a "valkyrie" in Dragon Pass, but
>this may be a code-word for a female Malkioni knight of renown.

Or perhaps a special type of amoured nurse that rides into
the heat of battle and rescues the Fallen?

Richard Develyn:

>The cradle appears 1621 and floats off (according, I believe, to
>established wisdom) with an Argrath (White Bull) inside it. Main hero
>wars events then happen elsewhere.

Not Argrath White Bull IMO. The Argrath aka Garrath Sharpsword.
Argrath White Bull is a nomad leader who appears out of the blue
after the Cradle goes Downriver.

>Was I wrong about Argrath escaping on the cradle or is this possibly -
>another- Argrath (of Pavis)?

This is Argrath of Pavis who is distinct from Argrath White Bull (who
unifies the nomads) and Argrath of Sartar (who went on the Cradle and
will be the counter bloke in Dragon Pass). Argrath is truely great
for he contains multitudes...

>Now I believe Corflu was pretty battered during the Cradle incident,
>however now it's occupied by another Argrath called White Bull (with
>Wolf Pirates and Newtlings).

Corflu was largely untouched. A lot of people tried to storm the
Cradle but were repelled. The Watchdog of Corflu recieved a
pounding but survived.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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